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Lost in Space Ztams Teen Pinups

Lost in Space

Lost in Space Warning Will Robinson! Warning Will Robinson! Have you watched the new Lost in Space on Netflix? I wasn’t a fan of Lost in Space way back when but I did check out the new Netflix one. It’s pretty good. It’s already been renewed for a second season. Yay! Sister Lori watched the […]

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Danny Bonaduce photo Ztams Teen Pinups

The Partridge Family Episode #7

The Partridge Family Episode #7 Well hello there. Thank you for joining me for The Partridge Family Episode #7 review. This was one of my favorite episodes as a young child. I can remember laughing over this episode with my older sister, Lori. This episode is entitled “Danny and the Mob” and originally aired on […]

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Marky Mark Wahlberg Ztams Teen Pinups

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Even though he was a singer with the Funky Bunch in the beginning and also a lovely underwear model, I really know Marky Mark Wahlberg as an actor. I first became familiar with the name Mark Wahlberg when I saw a sexy little movie called Boogie Nights. Bow chicka bow wow. Mark Robert […]

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Back to the Future Ztams Teen Pinups

Back to the Future

Back to the Future Back to the Future is my all-time favorite movie. I know all the words to it and know the exact timing for each line. I’m a dork. I first saw the movie with my sister Lori and friend MaryAnnette at the Stamm Theater in downtown Antioch, California. (Sister Lori’s favorite scene […]

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The Brady Bunch Episode #7 Ztams Teen Pinups

The Brady Bunch Episode #7

The Brady Bunch Episode #7 Welcome to my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #7. This episode is titled Kitty Karry-All is Missing and originally aired on November 7, 1969. This episode is a precursor to The People’s Court. Cindy wrongly accuses Bobby of taking her stupid doll, Kitty Karry-All. Everything is, of course, resolved […]

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Jonathan Brandis Ztams Teen PInups

Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis Although Jonathan Brandis is best known for his role as Lucas Wolenczak on the TV show SeaQuest DSV, I knew him as Michael (DJ’s boyfriend) from a Full House episode. I also knew him as the young Bill from the Stephen King miniseries “It”. (That book scared the hell out of me. Pennywise […]

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Partridge Family Ztams Teen Pinups


The Partridge Family Episode #6 Hello again! Thanks for coming back! Herein lies the sixth installment of Ztams Partridge Family review! Woot woot! The Partridge Family Episode #6 originally aired on October 16, 1970 and is called Love at First Slight. It’s basically about Keith not doing well with his newfound success as a teen […]

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Matt Dillon Ztams Teen Pinups


Matt Dillon I wasn’t a crazy super fan of Matt Dillon as a kid, but I did like the movies he was in. I’m proud of the actor he has become. I’ve been there from the beginning and feel I kind of have the right to be proud of him. He started out as a […]

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Heather Locklear Ztams Teen Pinups


Heather Locklear What’s going on with Heather Locklear these days? She seems to going through a dark period lately. When I was a teenager, she seemed to have it all. She was the perfect looking California blonde, was popular, got to date hot boys like Scott Baio and Chris Atkins, and was on TV. I […]

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The Brady Bunch Ztams Teen Pinups

The Brady Bunch Episode #6

The Brady Bunch Episode #6 Welcome to my Brady Bunch corner of the world! This is my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #6. Only 111 more episodes to review! Yay! The name of The Brady Bunch Episode #6 is “A Clubhouse is not a Home” and originally aired on October 31, 1969…..exactly 33 years […]

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