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Andy Gibb pinup


Andy Gibb performingMy very first concert I attended was Andy Gibb at the Concord Pavilion (near San Francisco). I think it was 1978 and I went with my older sister and her friend. We couldn’t get seats close to the stage so we sat on the lawn of this outdoor theater. I think there was a comedian who opened the show and then Andy came out. It was so exciting! He was wearing really tight yellow pants. My sister’s friend took pictures which I still have today. When he waved at the audience, it felt like he was waving just at me. It was a special night. I never had Andy Gibb pinups hanging on the wall when I was a kid (I loved Leif Garrett and the Bay City Rollers) but I did like his music.

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Ralph Macchio Karate Kid pinup


Ralph Macchio pinupMy favorite part of Karate Kid is when he wax off. Wait. What? Daniel-san. Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off.

Ralph Macchio was a very successful teen actor with some decent acting chops but unfortunately for him, he will forever be known as Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid.

Ralph Macchio was born on November 4, 1961 in Long Island. Ralph did some commercials early on and a movie. It was his role of Jeremy Welsh in the sitcom Eight is Enough that started getting him the pinups in the teen magazines and the looks from the junior high girls.

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Clay Aiken pinup Pop Star magazine



Clay Aiken is a nerd. I like nerds. I think they’re sexy, especially if they’re smart. Clay stood out when he auditioned for the second season of American Idol because of his nerdiness. I remember Randy Jackson being surprised at the big voice that came out of the tiny little nerd boy. I don’t remember what Simon said, but I’m sure it wasn’t nice. (I love Simon BTW. I just think he could word things a bit differently.) I don’t think many people remember this, but Clay was cut from the American Idol competition. He made it to the round of 32 and was then cut. Bummer. He was chosen to return for the Wild Card round and won that which put him in the top 12. He had actually filled out an application to be on The Amazing Race when a friend urged him to audition for American Idol. Interesting. I think he chose correctly.

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Leif Garrett smooth chest


Leif Garrett Tiger BeatLeif Garrett was a gorgeous blonde boy who graced the covers of most teen magazines in the mid to late 70′s. He also graced most of the walls of my bedroom. I’m not really sure if he was an actor who sang or a singer who acted. He seemed to be mediocre at both, but it didn’t really matter because he was gorgeous. I first noticed him in my Tiger Beat magazine. I was into Tony DeFranco at the time but he was getting older (he was pushing 18) and I was still just a young thing. Leif was on a TV show called Three for the Road which also featured another blonde hottie, Vincent Van Patten. FYI, Vincent is the son of Dick Van Patten from Eight is Enough. Vince is married to Eileen Davidson who played Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless and Kristen DiMera on Days of Our Lives. Anyway, back to my sweetie Leif.

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Chad Ochochinco Split Ztams


So what do you all think about Chad Ochocinco getting 30 days in jail for slapping his lawyer’s ass? Chad says it’s a sign of respect. Whatever it is, I think it’s nasty. BUT… I don’t think he meant any disrespect to the courts. I just think that’s how he’s used to saying “good job” or “cool”.

I wonder how the judge would have reacted if he had done a fist pump or a high five. Those are equally as stupid but are often used in today’s culture. My opinion (and I’m always right) is that the judge should be deciding his punishment for the crime he was there for in the first place. What’s next? Jail time if she doesn’t like the way you look?

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Tammy Levi Ztams


Hello! I used to have a pretty happening blog that made millions thousands hundreds…..okay, a FEW people laugh. It died somewhere. It’s lost in cyberspace. It just went poof one day. (FYI, I went poof earlier.) My entire website, all 30,000+ items, have been moved to a new format. I figure now’s a good time as any to start up the blog again. I hope there will be no poofing with this one.

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