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The Bee Gees Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines

The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees I used to make fun of the Bee Gees when I was in middle school and high school. They had high girly voices. It was cool to make fun of them because of their falsetto, but secretly I liked their music. (I also like Barry Manilow and The Carpenters.) My sister snuck […]

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98 Degrees Ztams Teen Pinups and Magazines

98 Degrees

98 Degrees I’ve heard a couple of 98 Degrees songs. I know they had some hits. I remember Because of You, The Hardest Thing, I Do (Cherish You) and others. To be honest, I was never into those types of bands enough to know who was singing. I had heard of the songs, but for […]

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Brady Bunch Ztams Teen Pinups

The Brady Bunch Episode #12

The Brady Bunch Episode #12 Welcome to my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #12! This is entitled The Voice of Christmas and originally aired on December 19, 1969. This is the only Christmas episode from the original series which I find odd. Why didn’t they do a holiday theme each year? This episode is […]

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Aaron Spelling Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines

Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling Yeah, I know Aaron Spelling wasn’t a teen idol. I still want to write about him though because he is responsible for a ton of great shows. He’s also the father of one of my favorite actresses, Tori Spelling. Aaron Spelling was born in Dallas, Texas a really long time ago. He was […]

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Nancy McKeon Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines

Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon I loved Jo Polniaczek on The Facts of Life because she was a tomboy just like me. She was tough but also very sensitive with a heart of gold. She was sarcastic with most of the sarcasm directed at rich snotty Blair. Jo was just like me. I don’t like rich snotty people […]

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The Partridge Family Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines

The Partridge Family Episode #11

The Partridge Family Episode #11 Welcome to my review of The Partridge Family Episode #11. This episode is titled “This is My Song” and originally aired on December 4, 1970. It’s about when Keith can’t come up with any new songs. He’s going through a dry spell. He’s all panicked and stuff because the group […]

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21 Jump Street Ztams Teen Pinups

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street was a show in the late 80’s that spawned a bunch of teen idols. It was about young undercover cops who could pass as teens. These cops would go undercover at schools and other places teens hang out and bust drug deals, sexual predators, and other dastardly crimes. The […]

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Lance Bass Ztams Teen Pinups

Lance Bass

Lance Bass I think Lance Bass is a pretty cool dude. Even though I wasn’t a fan of ’N Sync at that time, it had nothing to do with him or their music. I think it was just that I was way past my teeny bopper idol days by the time ‘N Sync came on […]

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Barry Williams Maureen McCormick Ztams Teen Pinups

The Brady Bunch Episode #11

The Brady Bunch Episode #11 Welcome to my Brady world! Why isn’t this show on in reruns anymore? I own every DVD ever made, but it would be nice to see it while channel surfing. Anyway, this is my expert critique of The Brady Bunch Episode #11. This episode is called “Vote for Brady” and […]

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Ian Mitchell Ztams Teen Pinups

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell One of my biggest crushes as a little girl was Ian Mitchell. Oh, my. He was just so cute. I’ll still get a bit of the flutters when I think about him. I was a big Tony DeFranco fan when Ian came along. I remember seeing this Bay City Rollers group showing up […]

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