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Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Forty years ago this week, the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever was released. That movie had a lot of nasty scenes in it. It was my first R rated movie and I was much too young to see all of that. My older sister and her friend snuck me in. I’ve been traumatized ever since. But I did like the music (and seeing John Travolta in his little tiny black underwear).

The music for this movie could have been totally different if Columbia Records had agreed to let them use Boz Scaggs’ Lowdown. The dance that Tony and Annette are shown rehearsing was originally choreographed to Lowdown. That kind of sucks for Boz Scaggs but was wonderful for the Bee Gees.

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1979 16 mag


The Partridge FamilyAm I the only one not interested in the total eclipse happening today? I understand that the last one occurred in 1979. While all y’all are out looking at the sun and going blind, I am going to write about groovy stuff (not the eclipse) that happened in the year 1979.

The top grossing movie of the year was Kramer vs. Kramer. I remember that movie making me sad. I much preferred the happy Over the Edge movie which debuted the young Matt Dillon and featured devil children torturing a small town. Another top grossing movie of 1979 was The Jerk which starred Steve Martin. All I remember from that is “The new phone book is here!” and “I was born a poor black child.” Funny.

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rob lowe pinup


Rob Lowe has one of those gorgeous faces that will always make him good looking. He’s going to be handsome as a 60 year old. He’ll still be handsome at 90. He just has one of those faces. Rob became famous in the 1980’s after appearing in several movies and thereby making him a cool member of the Brat Pack. (We’ll talk about that later.)

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Tammy Levi Ztams


Hello! I used to have a pretty happening blog that made millions thousands hundreds…..okay, a FEW people laugh. It died somewhere. It’s lost in cyberspace. It just went poof one day. (FYI, I went poof earlier.) My entire website, all 30,000+ items, have been moved to a new format. I figure now’s a good time as any to start up the blog again. I hope there will be no poofing with this one.

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