10/76 Creem magazine


10/76 Creem magazine


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10/76 Creem magazine

This 10/76 Creem magazine is complete and in good condition.  There is a mailing label.  Pinups include:

  • Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys)
  • Keith Richard (The Rolling Stones)
  • Karen Lawrence of The L.A. Jets
  • Bob Seger (Creem Star’s Cars)

Stories include:

  • The Beat Goes On – Elton John is a Fidrvch Groupie; Roger Daltrey and Russell Go to the Birds; Cliff Richard Curls His Lip; Kids Screwed Again!; Boudoirs of The Stars, No. 1:  Goose Stepping For MD; Paul McCartney Starts New Group, GREEN is Like Chicken; Neil Young Joins Kiss
  • Surf’s Up – Brian Wilson Returns from Lunch – Did You Know He Was Gone?
  • Creem Profile – Edgar and Johnny Winter
  • Ringo Starr – I Do Play the Drums!
  • ZZ Top Play Bulgaria

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