10/78 Super Teen magazine


10/78 Super Teen magazine


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10/78 Super Teen magazine

This 10/78 Super Teen magazine is complete and in excellent condition except for the centerfold.  The Parker Stevenson two page centerfold has been removed and taped up at one time.  The tape marks aren’t horrible but very easy to see.  They do not affect any other pinups.  Pinups include:

  • Andy Gibb
  • Kristy & Jimmy McNichol
  • William Kirby Cullen
  • Shaun Cassidy
  • Scott Baio
  • Parker Stevenson (two page centerfold poster)
  • Andrew Stevens (shirtless)
  • Billy & Bobby Alessi
  • Debby Boone
  • Player (with Ronn Moss, Peter Beckett, Wayne Cook, J.C. Crowley, and Jonn Friesen)
  • Leif Garrett
  • Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of Kiss (in makeup)

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