11/69 Tiger Beat magazine


11/69 Tiger Beat magazine


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Back cover of the magazine

11/69 Tiger Beat magazine

This 11/69 Tiger Beat magazine is complete and in acceptable condition.  The outside covers are a bit beat up.  Please see photos.  The table of contents includes:

  • Elvis Presley – Relive his in person show
  • The Monkees – What’s new with groovy group
  • Michael Stroka – Dark Shadows newcomer
  • Len Whiting – How he sees himself
  • Jack Wild – Visit him at home.  Meet his brother (Arthur).
  • Michael Cole – Find out!  Can you turn him on?
  • Jonathan Frid – Join him on tour
  • David Selby – He enjoys being a ghoul!  Find out why
  • Raiders – What’s new with their group
  • Cowsills – What’s new with their group
  • David Jones – The new kind of love in his live (this is about Davy Jones)
  • Beatles – Up to the minute facts
  • Sajid Khan – His turn on’s and turn off’s
  • Bridget Hanley – You interview your fave
  • Jonathan Frid – You interview your fave
  • Bobby Sherman – His mom tells new secrets
  • Bobby Sherman – Bobby writes to you!  Exclusive column!
  • Mark Lindsay – Surprising facts you never knew about him
  • Sharon Baker – Meet Bobby Sherman’s dream girl in Hollywood
  • Bobby Sherman – Bobby visits Tiger Beat and you are there
  • David Soul – The Tiger Beat interview, Part II

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