5/86 Creem magazine


5/86 Creem magazine


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5/86 Creem magazine

This 5/86 Creem magazine is complete and in acceptable condition.  The cover is damaged and detached.  The insides are good – it’s just the cover that’s not in good condition.  There are no color pinups on the inside of the cover (only ads), so no pinups are affected by the condition of the cover.  There is a two page centerfold of The Smiths (2 page centerfold – May 1986 calendar).  Stories include:

  • Twisted Sister:  Snider as Usual
  • Peace, Love & The Cult
  • The Enterprising Starship:  Beam ‘Em Up, Binky
  • Bono:  Making the Effort
  • It’s Delightful, It’s Delicious, It’s Divinyls
  • Sade is a Group
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain:  Immaculate Conception?

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