5ive Five poll pinup


5ive Five poll pinup


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5ive Five poll pinup

This 5ive Five poll pinup is one page only and in excellent condition.  5ive is a boy band from London consisting of Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Sean Conlon, Abs Breen, and Jason “J” Brown.  The below members are no longer with the band.

Richard Abidin Breen, born June 29, 1979 in London, was the lead singer of Five. Known as Abs Breen during his boy band days, he now goes by Abz Love. Simon Cowell signed Breen as a solo artist once the group broke up in 2001.  Abs released the album Abstract Theory in 2003 which produced three top ten hits in the UK.

Jason Paul “J” Brown, born June 13, 1976 in England, was the oldest member of the boy band Five and quit the group because he no longer wanted to be in the public eye. I would never ever want to be famous. That must be so awful.  I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible that must be. I can relate to this guy.

Back side

South Park is on the back.  This is part of a two page poster of Eric Cartman during his “Respect my authoritah” phase.  He is in his police outfit on his motorcycle.  Note:  You only see half of him since this is just one page of the two page poster.

1st Annual big hit readers’ poll – Favourite TV Cartoon Character – Best TV Show:  South Park

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