5ive Yearbook 2000 pinup


5ive Yearbook 2000 pinup


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5ive Yearbook 2000 pinup

This 5ive Yearbook 2000 pinup from Live Kicking magazine Yearbook 2000 is one page only and in excellent condition.  Five or 5ive is a boy band from London who formed at the end of the 90’s.   The band members are Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Sean Conlon, Abs Breen, and Jason “J” Brown.

Current Members

Sean Kieran Conlon, born May 20, 1981 in England, is still a member of the group Five. He co-wrote a Boyzone song which was released in 2011. Conlon auditioned for The Voice UK but didn’t advance. Oops.

Richard Neville Dobson, born August 23, 1979 in England, continues to be a member of the group Five. He moved to Australia in 2004 and has since opened a couple of restaurants. Neville was married for four months to an Australian model. Reports indicate that he wasn’t such a nice guy. The scar above his (ex) wife’s eye is suspicious. Ritchie Neville started dating a member of Atomic Kitten in 2013. The couple broke up in 2016 but they now have a daughter together.

Scott James Timothy Robinson, born November 22, 1979 in England, continues to be a member of the boy band. When Five initially split up in 2001, Robinson became one of the leads in the UK touring musical of Boogie Nights 2. He and his wife were married the day after Five broke up. No use wasting any time! The couple have two sons and twin daughters.

Back side

Tittle Tattle is on the back.  This appears to be a variety games and other little blurbs.  Celebrities mentioned are Geri Halliwell, Stephen Gately, Jordan Knight, Ricky Martin, Michael Owen, and others.

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