7/69 Hit Parader magazine


7/69 Hit Parader magazine


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Inside this mag!

7/69 Hit Parader magazine

This 7/69 Hit Parader magazine is complete but in rough shape.  The cover is very worn and tattered.  Please see photo for condition.  The interior pages seem to be fine except for fading that is normal for a 50 year old magazine.

The image you see pictured above is the exact item you will receive in the mail should you choose to purchase this magazine.

Table of Contents

  • The Scene – WBIZ FM Radio, Wisconsin
  • We Read Your Mail – Notes from above ground
  • The Guitar Saga – Favorite instrument of Rock and Roll
  • Steppenwolf – John Kay on writing and performing
  • Jimi Hendrix – The making of a star
  • Canned Heat – The lead guitar of Henry Vestine
  • The Who – Pete Townshend as composer
  • The Cream – A final goodbye
  • Pictures I Hear – by Brigitta
  • Led Zeppelin – Built around Jimmy Page’s guitar
  • The Beatles – Mother Nature’s Synthesizers
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Rollin’ with John Fogarty
  • Jeff Beck – He wants to soften his power
  • Communication – by Dom Petro
  • The Shopping Bag – Lots of guitars and stuff
  • Ten Years After – Alvin Lee fastest guitar in the west
  • The Sound of Hendrix – An experienced equipment man
  • Danny Kalb – Ex blues project guitar is alive and well
  • Country Joe and The Fish – Barry Melton reveals fishlore
  • My Favorite Records by Jeff Beck
  • Temp – Lightin’ Slim talks to Jim Delehant
  • New Stars on the Horizon – Fleetwood Mac, Listening
  • Platter Chatter – New records by Jim Delehant

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