7/83 Teen Beat magazine


7/83 Teen Beat magazine


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7/83 Teen Beat magazine

This 7/83 Teen Beat magazine is complete and in good condition.  There is a bit of a roll at the spine which indicates it wasn’t stored flat.  It will be stored flat until your purchase so this may not be an issue.  Pinups include:

  • Paul King
  • Jack Coleman (in tank top – nice arms)
  • Justine Bateman
  • Rick Springfield (black and white)
  • Chris Atkins (black and white)
  • Martin Hewitt (shirtless black and white)
  • John Stamos
  • Kin Shriner, Danielle Von Zerneck, and John Stamos (two page poster)
  • David Hasselhoff (two page centerfold poster)
  • Peter Barton
  • Lara Jill Miller (half page)
  • River Phoenix (quarter page – very young)
  • Family Tree’s Melora Hardin and John Kovacs (quarter page)
  • Rick Springfield
  • Paul King (half page)
  • Merrie Lynn Ross, Philece Sampler, Shell Kepler, and Loanne Bishop (half page)
  • Chris Atkins
  • Matt Dillon (black and white)
  • John Schneider (black and white)
  • Tommy Howell (black and white)
  • Michael Damian
  • Doug Davidson (with a beard)


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