7/85 16 magazine


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7/85 16 magazine


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7/85 16 magazine Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
One of the pinups in this mag!

7/85 16 magazine

This 7/85 16 magazine is complete and in acceptable condition.  There is cover wear and the cover is starting to pull away from the staples.  Also, there are several coupons filled out.

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Pinups and Posters

  • Menudo smiling group pose with Ray Acevedo, Robby Rosa, Charlie Rivera, Ricky Martin, and Roy Rosello
  • Ricky Schroder two page poster but half is the July 1985 calendar (so really one page pinup)
  • Wham!’s George Michael (see photo)
  • Julian Lennon three page centerfold poster still attached to staples
  • Ralph Macchio with dog three page centerfold poster still attached to staples
  • Rick Springfield
  • Sting full body shot
  • Duran Duran Andy Taylor (this is the inside of the back cover so there will be wear near the left side of the pinup where it attaches to the staples)

Table of Contents

Only part of the table of contents is listed below.

  • 16’s Incredible Hunk – James Spader
  • TV Times Featuring Ross Harris – The New Spencer
  • Matt Dillon – A night out for charity
  • Meet Miami Vice’s Don Johnson
  • Madonna – The multi talented superstar
  • 16 talks to Meeno Peluce
  • The Funny Boys and the Sagal Girls – Four 16 Fact Files
  • Meet David Packer and Darren Dalton of The Best Times
  • Introducing Kids Inc
  • You Can’t Do That On Television’s Alasdair Gillis Tells All
  • Elliot Easton – A car rolls alone
  • A 16 interview with Sarah Jessica Parker and Lee Montgomery


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