7/88 Metal Muscle magazine


7/88 Metal Muscle magazine


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7/88 Metal Muscle magazine

This 7/88 Metal Muscle magazine is complete and in good condition.  There is some cover wear and a “3” written on cover.  (See upper left of photo in the MM.)  This issue is all about Led Zeppelin.  Pinups include:

  • Jimmy Page (2)
  • Jimmy Page (two page poster)
  • Led Zeppelin (three page poster)
  • Robert Plant (three page poster)
  • Led Zeppelin (three page poster)
  • John “Bonzo” Bonham (three page poster)
  • Robert Plant
  • John “Bonzo” Bonham
  • John Paul Jones (Jonesy)
  • Jimmy Page
  • Live Aid Led Zeppelin Reunion July 13, 1985 (three page poster)

The table of contents includes:

  • Good Times, Bad Times – the history of Led Zeppelin
  • Communication Breakdown – Zep zaps
  • Whole Lotta Zep – Discography and videography
  • Personal Profiles – Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, John Bonham
  • Dazed and Confused Quiz – Led Zep brainbusters
  • A Tribute to Zep-Heads – Portrait of a Led Zeppelin fanatic
  • The Song Remains the Same – Does anybody remember the laughter?
  • Led Zep-ographer Stephen Davis – Hammer of the Gods author interviewed


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