Brian Forster dog pinup


Brian Forster dog pinup


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Brian Forster dog pinup

This Brian Forster dog pinup is one page only and measures approximately 8 x 10.  It is in excellent condition with no tears or rips.  This is from a Tiger Beat Official Partridge Family magazine which was published from 1970 to 1972. The image you see above is the exact item you will receive in the mail from me should you choose to purchase this pinup. I do not sell scans or copies. What you are purchasing is the original page pulled from my personal magazine. Sign up for my newsletter and receive 20% off your order. Click here to subscribe.

Little Brian Forster will turn 60 next year.  Does that make you feel old?  Born April 14, 1960 in Los Angeles, Brian first acted on an episode of The Brady Bunch.  A quote from my blog of The Brady Bunch Episode #3:  “In one of his first acting gigs ever, Brian Forster (aka Chris Partridge #2) shows up playing the elf in The Fairy Princess. He plays dumb very well.”  Forster didn’t do much acting after The Partridge Family.  He became a race car driver instead.  I think he was bragging that he was still a virgin when he was older.  Maybe that Steve Carell movie was based on Forster.

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Back of pinup

Back Side

There are seven different black and white candid photos of The Partridge Family on the back.  See photo.

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