Earth & Fire pinup


Earth & Fire pinup


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Earth & Fire pinup

This Earth & Fire pinup is an over-sized one page and in good condition.  It measures approximately 9 x 12 and is a bit rough around the edges.

Earth & Fire was a Dutch progressive rock band who turned into a pop group.  The group was formed in the late 1960’s by twin brothers Gerard and Chris Koerts.  They had a lot of hits in their area (the Netherlands) and a few other places in Europe, but they never made it big in the U.S.

Members included Gerard Koerts, Chris Koerts, Hans Ziech, Cees Kalis, and Manuela Berloth.  Those five were the genesis of the group.  Later members include Jerney Kaagman, Ton van der Kleij, Theo Hurts, Ab Tamboer, Bert Ruiter, Johan Slager, Mark Stoop, Jons Pistoor, Age Kat, and Ronnie Meyjes.

The band has released 13 and several singles.  Their biggest single was Weekend, released in 1978.

Back Side

Half of the back side is taken up with an ad for a free book.  The book has a heart on it so maybe it’s about love.  I’m not sure as all text is in Dutch.  There are also article and pictures on Stephen Stills, Maggie McNeal, Rob Hoeke, and Double You.  Once again, all writing it in Dutch.

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