Emma Bunton and friends pinup


Emma Bunton and friends pinup


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Emma Bunton and friends pinup

This Emma Bunton and friends pinup from TV Hits magazine is one page only and in good condition.  The pinups also includes Isla Fisher, Gillian Anderson, and Tempany Deckert.

Emma Bunton Why She’s So Hot:  She’s the only one of the all-singin’, all-dancin’, Spices to make it into the top ten!  Emma is your choice as the cutest Spice Girl, the clean-cut girl-next-door!

Isla Fisher Why She’s So Hot:  Even though she bailed out of Summer Bay, Isla still gets voted into the Hot Poll – it must have something to do with those supermodel looks on that petite body!

Gillian Anderson Hottest Moment of 1997:  Doing a photo shoot for the cover of American mag US, where she had to continually lick David Duckovny’s face to get the shot just right!  Yuck!

Tempany Deckert Why She’s So Hot:  The sweet, smiling Tempany has been one of the Summer Bay babes for years, but has now spread her wings and is heading overseas.  We’ll miss ya’ Temp!

Back side

Identical in layout to the other side, this side features Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Aniston, Neve Campbell, and Lisa Kudrow.

Alicia Silverstone Hottest Moment of 1997:  Critics called her “Fatgirl” and “Buttgirl”, but Alicia rubbed their noses in it when she became the sexiest Batgirl in the sexiest Batsuit ever!

Jennifer Aniston Hottest Moment of 1997:  Bringing tears to our eyes when Rachel discovers that Ross has cheated on her in Friends!

Neve Campbell Why She’s So Hot:  It’s the way her lips curl up at the edges.  No, it’s those soulful, brown eyes.  No, it’s her girl-next-door beauty, or is it her down-to-earth attitude?  Aaah, we just love everything about Party gal Neve!

Lisa Kudrow Why She’s So Hot:  Lisa’s brilliantly ko0ky and ditzy character keeps us giggling for hours.  Let’s face it – nobody else could sing those funky Phoebe songs and get away with it!

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