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Focus pinup


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Focus pinup

This Focus pinup is one page only and in good condition.  I believe it is from a Dutch magazine.  It is a bit over-sized.  It measures approximately 9.5 x 12.

Focus is a rock band from Amsterdam.  The Dutch progressive group was formed in 1969 and it appears this pinup is from that time period.  The member of the band credited for starting the group is Thijs van Leer.  He recruited drummer Hans Cleuver and guitarist Martijn Dresden and they began a three piece group.  They were joined a few months later by Jan Akkerman during a rehearsal.

Once they became a group of four, they chose the name Focus for the group.  They liked the name because it is the same in many languages.  It means concentration which is the meaning of what Focus wanted to accomplish.

Focus was chosen to play the part of the pit band in the musical Hair.  They did Hair six nights a week for the money and rehearsed their group (Focus) during the day.  When the run ended in June 1970, they started recording albums.  They are still going strong today.

Back Side

An ad for Lenco is on the back.  It appears that Lenco is a groovy record player.  It shows that it’s made in Switzerland but the address and phone number at the bottom is from Amsterdam.  All writing is in Dutch.

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