Gary Barlow Open Road pinup


Gary Barlow Open Road pinup


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Gary Barlow Open Road pinup

This Gary Barlow Open Road pinup is one page only and in good condition.  The pinup contains the lyrics to Open Road, the fourth single released from Gary Barlow’s debut album by the same name.

Gary Barlow, born January 20, 1971 in England, is the lead singer of the boy band Take That. His love of music started early. He says that he was one of those kids who danced in front of the TV looking at his reflection. Barlow states that Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” was mesmerizing and a main influence.

Take That was formed in Manchester, England in 1989. In addition to Barlow, the other members were Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Jason Orange, and Robbie Williams. Gary Barlow was not only the lead singer but also the main songwriter. Take That released eight studio albums and thirty-two singles. The band split up in 1996.

Back side

A nice picture of the group Hanson along with their lyrics to I Will Come to You is on the back.  Words and music to this song are credited to Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson, and a couple other people.  It’s pretty cool that these boys/men wrote their own songs.

Mmmbop, ba duba dop. I was a fan of the brothers Hanson. I think they were super talented kids who happened to look good. They got a lot of their fans because of their groovy looks, but those boys have ability. These cute little boys are all now in their 30’s. They are all married with lots of children. And they’re still doing their thing. They are still touring and recording. I love it.

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