George Clooney Super pinup


George Clooney Super pinup


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George Clooney Super pinup

This George Clooney Super pinup from Super magazine is one page only and in excellent condition.  This is the exact item you will receive in the mail.  I do not sell copies or scans.  This pinup is from a French magazine.

George Timothy Clooney, born May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, attended religious schools as a youth.  He is of Irish, German, and English descent.  He developed Bell’s palsy when he was in 8th or 9th grade.  That’s some scary stuff.  Well, 8th and 9th grade is scary enough on its own without having your face paralyzed.  Yikes!


  • Clooney tried out with the Cincinnati Reds in 1977 but did not pass the first round of cute.
  • He attended college for a few years but did not graduate.
  • His jobs included door to door sales (can you imagine George Clooney at your door?), construction, selling women’s shoes, stocking shelves, and more.
  • His first roles on TV included handyman George Burnett on The Facts of Life. After Facts, he had an even more steady job of playing Booker Brooks, Roseanne Barr’s supervisor of Roseanne.
  • His big thrust into stardom came in 1994 as he portrayed Dr. Doug Ross on the medical drama ER.

Back side

Three girls are sitting in front of the Universal Studios sign in Hollywood on the back.  All writing is in French.  I took French in college, but it’s been awhile.  I believe this is an interview with “Three Foxies” as they visit Los Angeles.  The girls are Aurelie, Dafna, and Camille.

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