Gillian Anderson TV Hits pinup


Gillian Anderson TV Hits pinup


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Gillian Anderson TV Hits pinup

This Gillian Anderson TV Hits pinup from TV Hits magazine is one page only and in excellent condition.

Gillian Leigh Anderson, born on August 9, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, is an actress. Best known as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, Anderson originally hadn’t wanted to do TV. Gillian went through a rough stage as a youngster. She experimented with drugs, pierced her nose, wore only black, and put into therapy by the time she was 14. She was arrested the night she graduated for breaking and entering into her high school.  Cool.

Back side

Small questions and pictures are on the back.  Pictures include Bruce Willis, Baywatch (Gena Lee Nolin), George Clooney, Gina Gardiner, and Fugees.  Some of the questions:

  • Can you tell me all about my new fave action hero, Bruce Willis from The Fifth Element, like what was like at school?
  • I wish Baywatch would come back because I’m in love with Gena Lee Nolin, she’s so much hotter than Pam!  Can you ell me about her idea of a romantic night?
  • What are the names of Jim Carrey’s first wife and daughter, and also his first film?
  • When was Tim Allen born?
  • Have authors Michael Crichton and Stephen King written books under different names?
  • Where the heck have the Fugees gone?  Is it true they’ve split up?

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