Heart No Accident pinup


Heart No Accident pinup


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Heart No Accident pinup

This Heart No Accident pinup from Hit Parader magazine showing Ann Wilson is one page only and in good condition. The image you see above is the exact item you will receive in the mail from me should you choose to purchase this pinup. I do not sell scans or copies. This is the original page from my personal magazine. Sign up for my newsletter and receive 20% off your order. Click here to subscribe.

Back Side

Part of an interview with the group Foghat is on the back.  It includes a color picture that’s approximately 5 x 7.  I believe this shows the original line up of Lonesome Dave Peverett, Rod “The Bottle” Price, Roger Earl, and Tony Stevens.  The interview is with a Dave which I’m assuming is Peverett.  Some of the questions from this part of the interview:

  • Are all of you into the blues?
  • Many other British rock groups have been strongly influenced by the blues, yet you’re the only ones who always publicly acknowledge the artists.  Why do you do that?
  • Why did the band decide to do a live album?  Did you just feel that it was time, or were you influenced by Frampton’s success?
  • What are your plans for your next album?


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