Jessica Simpson head shot pinup


Jessica Simpson head shot pinup


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Jessica Simpson head shot pinup

This Jessica Simpson head shot pinup from Teen Beat magazine is in excellent condition.  It is one page only and measures approximately 8 x 10. The image you see above is the exact item you will receive in the mail from me should you choose to purchase this pinup. I do not sell scans or copies. What you are purchasing is the original page pulled from my personal magazine. Sign up for my newsletter and receive 20% off your order. Click here to subscribe.

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Back of pinup

Back Side

Joey Fatone of ‘N Sync is the back pinup.  See photo.  I saw Joey Fatone on Dancing with the Stars in Season 4.  I didn’t know much about him but ended up becoming a fan.  He’s a funny guy.

Chris Kirkpatrick met with Lou Pearlman in 1995 and this was the beginning of ’N Sync. Kirkpatrick auditioned for The Backstreet Boys (and didn’t make the cut) which is how he knew Lou Pearlman. The two met in 1995 to discuss forming a second group. It sounds like Pearlman agreed to fund the group if Kirkpatrick could find the boys. He first called his friend Joey Fatone who he had met while singing in his Doo Wop group at Universal Studios.   The rest is history.

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