Luke Perry Big Bopper pinup


Luke Perry Big Bopper pinup


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Luke Perry Big Bopper pinup

This Luke Perry Big Bopper pinup from Big Bopper magazine is one page only and in excellent condition. The image you see above is the exact item you will receive in the mail from me should you choose to purchase this pinup. I do not sell scans or copies. This is the original page from my personal magazine. Sign up for my newsletter and receive 20% off your order. Click here to subscribe.

Luke Perry Trivia

  • Voted biggest flirt by his high school classmates.
  • He got that sexy scar on his eyebrow from running into a soda machine.
  • Luke Perry has two children.  Jack was born in 1997 and Sophie in 2000.
  • Luke originally auditioned for the part of Steve Sanders on 90210.
  • One of his earliest jobs was in a Twisted Sister music video with Alice Cooper.


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Back of pinup

Back Side

A big smiling Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block is the back pinup.  The New Kids on the Block were a creation of Maurice Starr (of New Edition fame) in the early 80’s. Donnie Wahlberg was the first member cast. The others chosen were Marky Mark Wahlberg (Donnie’s brother), Danny Wood, and brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight. Marky Mark quickly dropped out.  Little 12-year-old Joey McIntyre was added as the fifth member.

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