Mandy Moore stage pinup


Mandy Moore stage pinup


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Mandy Moore stage pinup

This Mandy Moore stage pinup from J-14 magazine is in excellent condition.  The pinup is one page only and measures about 8 x 10. The image you see above is the exact item you will receive in the mail from me should you choose to purchase this pinup. I do not sell scans or copies. This is the original page from my personal magazine. Sign up for my newsletter and receive 20% off your order. Click here to subscribe.

Born April 10, 1984, Amanda Leigh Moore became interested in acting and singing almost immediately. She was born in Nashua, New Hampshire but grew up in Florida as the family moved there when she was still a newborn. Moore’s grandma was a professional ballerina which I think inspired Mandy. Her parents thought her interest in acting and singing was just a phase she’d grow out of.

Back Side

A question and answer page is on the back.  There are color pictures of Hayden Christiansen, Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst, and Backstreet Boys.  The questions answered on this page:

  • Higher Ground’s Hayden Christiansen is such a major hottie!  I don’t know anything about him, though.  Can you give me the scoop?
  • I just loved Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.  But I haven’t seen her around.  Has she been in any movies recently?
  • With their busy schedules, how do Justin and Britney find time to see each other?  Has that ever been a problem for them?
  • Are the Backstreet Boys upset that their new album Black and Blue didn’t break ‘N Sync’s record?

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