Mark Paul Gosselaar ski pinup


Mark Paul Gosselaar ski pinup


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Mark Paul Gosselaar ski pinup

This Mark Paul Gosselaar ski pinup from Teen Beat is one page only and in good condition.  Minor trimming may be required.

Skis Mtn. High is the pinup on the back.  It’s a pinup of a lot of young looking people in ski clothes.  I recognize Brian Austin Green from Beverly Hills 90210.  I think I also recognize Andrew Keegan.  Not sure all who is in the pic.

Mark Paul Gosselaar Trivia

  • Has competed in a celebrity car race.
  • Speaks fluent Dutch.
  • Still keeps in touch with Mario Lopez.
  • Went to a normal public high school when he wasn’t working.
  • Dyed his hair blonde for Saved by the Bell.
  • Has a son and a daughter from his first marriage and a son and daughter from his second marriage.
  • Was in a relationship with Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle) for three years during the Saved by the Bell years.




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