Mike Nesmith smile pinup


Mike Nesmith smile pinup


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Mike Nesmith smile pinup

This Mike Nesmith smile pinup is one page only and in excellent condition.

As of this writing, Mike Nesmith is still doing his thing at 76 years of age. He is active on Facebook and still being creative and doing his music.

Davy Jones of The Monkees is on the back.  There are four different black and white pictures of him.  He is on the phone in all of the pictures.  The text is about a fan talking to Davy.  The questions asked by the fans that Davy answers are:

  • Are the Monkees going to make a movie?
  • Who picks out your groovy clothes?
  • How often do you get a chance to date girls?
  • Do you like your new short haircut?

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