No Authority BB pinup


No Authority BB pinup


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No Authority BB pinup

This No Authority BB pinup from BB magazine is one page only and in excellent condition.  The image you see here is the exact item you will receive in the mail.  I do not sell copies or scans.  This is what you’re getting when you make your purchase.

The boys pictured in this pinup are Eric Stretch, Ricky G, Tommy McCarthy, and Danny Zavatsky.  The original members consisted of Ricky G (Godinez who now is Ricky Rebel), Eric “Stretchy” Stretch, Danny Zavatsky, and Josh Keaton.

No Authority’s debut single and album were moderately successful.  Josh Keaton left shortly after that and was replaced by Tommy McCarthy.  They released a self-titled album (their second album) that did not do well at all.  No Authority disbanded shortly after.  They are listed as active from 1995-2003.

Back side

Britney Spears is on the back of this pinup.  There a cute color picture of her along with the first page of the article, “Britney’s Outlook on Love”.  From puppy love to digging Justin – this “Stronger” singer shares her heartfelt secrets. 

“Do you ever feel like you’re going loony in the love department?  One minute you’re majorly crushing on this cutie; the next second somebody way better comes along.  And then there’s that feeling you get after watching a romantic flick…..”

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