Winter 1990 Hot Metal Stars


Winter 1990 Hot Metal Stars


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Winter 1990 Hot Metal Stars Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
BAS centerfold in this mag!

Winter 1990 Hot Metal Stars

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Pinups and Posters

  • Bret Michaels
  • Anthony Corder of Tora Tora
  • Edward (Eddie) Van Halen
  • Steve DeLong shirtless from Sweet F.A.
  • Mick Sweda shirtless in tiny shorts from Bulletboys
  • Kip Winger
  • George Lynch
  • Nikki Sixx shirtless from Motley Crue
  • Mike Tramp from White Lion
  • Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden
  • Sebastian Bach (BAS) two page centerfold poster still attached to staples (see photo)
  • Vince Neil from Motley Crue
  • Marq Torien from Bullet Boys
  • Joe Elliott shirtless from Def Leppard
  • Rob Affuso from Skid Row
  • Mark Slaugher
  • Doro Pesch
  • Lita Ford
  • Little Caesar
  • Sleeze Beez


Table of Contents

  • Love Letters – You correspond with Metal’s hottest stars
  • Bret Michaels – Prince of Poison
  • That Winning Smile – Lars Ulrich, Anthony Corder, Jake E. Lee
  • Show Some Skin – Tommy Lee, Steve DeLong, Mick Sweda
  • Kip Winger – The inside story
  • George Lynch – A fresh start
  • Pretty as a Picture – Daniel MacMaster, Nikki Sixx, Stephen Pearcy
  • Bruce Dickinson – Going it alone
  • Hot and Live – Marq Torien, Axl Rose, David Coverdale
  • Short Subjects – Rob Affuso, Scott Ian, Joe Elliott
  • Mark Slaughter – On the attack
  • Metal Maidens – Sandi Saraya, Doro Pesch, Lita Ford
  • Hot New Faces – Sleeze Beez, Little Caesar, Trouble Tribe

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