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98 Degrees

98 Degrees Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines
98 Degrees

I’ve heard a couple of 98 Degrees songs. I know they had some hits. I remember Because of You, The Hardest Thing, I Do (Cherish You) and others. To be honest, I was never into those types of bands enough to know who was singing. I had heard of the songs, but for all I know it could have been The Backstreet Boys or ’N Sync singing. They kind of all sounded the same to me. Is that showing my ignorance? I’m not ignorant. I was just into jazz more at the time. Anyway, I was never a big fan of 98 Degrees (89 Degrees if you’re dyslexic), but the boys could sing. And they were cute.

The members of 98 Degrees  were brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons, and Justin Jeffre. Jeff formed the band in 1995 with Nick and Justin. Little Drew joined a few months later. All of the boys are from Ohio. Actually, I think Justin is originally from Michigan. Same thing.

Boob Cheese

The name 98 Degrees was allegedly decided as the group name because it conveyed the same atmosphere of heat and romance present in their music. Umm, okay. 98 degrees to me conveys sweaty underwear and boob cheese.

I remember seeing a special on these guys. I don’t know if it was a VH-1 thing or an A&E thing. It made me appreciate them more. They really had to struggle. I remember one of the guys saying how they would get a jar of peanut butter and day old bread, and that’s what they would live on for food. They did a lot of odd jobs trying to make ends meet while waiting for their big break. They weren’t like O-Town who was basically put together on the TV show Making the Band.  98 Degrees started from nothing and built their way up.

98 Degrees Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines
Justin hiding with his shirt on

Poor Justin

I always felt bad for member Justin Jeffre. I’m sure he was in the group to make music and not to be a pinup boy, but the other boys became teen idols. The teen magazines made 98 Degrees more about how they looked instead of the actual music. I have many pinups where Drew, Nick, and Jeff are all sexy and shirtless and poor Justin is hiding in the back fully clothed.  It bothers me that he was often in the background on the poses. Maybe it was his choice. I know I always like to hide my big ass behind someone.

I loved watching Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica on MTV. This reality show followed the lives of Nick Lachey and his wife Jessica Simpson. I loved those two together. I think the show and having all of the cameras around ruined their relationship. They were married in 2002. The divorce was final in 2006. Bummer. The best thing to come out of all this was Nick’s CD “What’s Left of Me”. I love every song on that CD.

Where Are They Now?

Jeff Timmons became a stripper. Yeah, baby. He joined Chippendales in 2011 as a singer/performer. Is that what they’re calling it now? Just take off your damn clothes.

Justin Jeffre pursued a political career after the end/hiatus of 98 Degrees. He was a mayoral candidate in 2005 for the city of Cincinnati and continues to be an activist on different projects for his beloved city.

Drew Lachey has been married to his childhood sweetheart for 18 years. How adorable. They have a son and daughter together. Drew won the second season of Dancing with the Stars. He and his wife run a performing arts day camp in the Cincinnati area. I think he’s so cute. He’s like one of those miniature candy bars. I could just eat him up.

I guess Nick Lachey also competed on Dancing with the Stars.  He did not do as well as his little brother. He finished in 9th place. I wonder if they joke/fight about that. I know I would if I were Drew. Nick is married to Vanessa Minnillo and they have three children.

They’re Back!

The group took a hiatus from about 2003 to 2012. They’ve done a few things here and there in the last six years. There were a few more albums released (2.0 and a Christmas album). They tour a little here and there. They’re still around but not as active as in the early 2000’s. They’re grownups now.

To sum up, I was not a fan of 98 Degrees but liked some of their songs. Justin is not ugly. Don’t put Baby in a corner.  I loved Nick and Jessica together, but loved Nick’s “What’s Left of Me” even more. Jeff is a stripper. Drew is cute and I want to set him on my bed like a stuffed animal. The end.

Thanks for reading! Come back soon!

98 Degrees Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines
What are they doing to Justin?


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