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I love Full House. I watch it pretty much every day. (I’m watching it right now as I type.) My favorite seasons were where Michelle Tanner had a lot of dialogue. I thought she was the best character on that show. Michelle was played by twin toddlers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The girls were born on June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, California. Six months later they had landed a contract for Full House. Wow. How dare they take the first six months of their life to get acclimated to their new surroundings. Bums.

Full House ran for eight seasons and the girls became a huge hit. They went on to star in a few other sitcoms, but none reached the level of success that Full House did. The girls made tons off of merchandise. There was Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen everything for a few years there. They had videos, books, clothes, butt plugs, and more. The girls have made a lot of money and are worth millions. In 2007, Forbes ranked them as the 11th richest women in entertainment and estimated their worth at $300 million. Awesome.


  • They are both very close to John Stamos. Lucky. Stamos played Uncle Jesse on Full House.

    John Stamos & Olsen Twin from Ztams Teen Pinups
    Uncle Jesse and Michelle Tanner
  • At age six they became the youngest producers in history.
  • They wore fake teeth during the final seasons of Full House because their teeth started to look different from each other.
  • They used to call their Full House co-stars by their character names instead of their real names so they wouldn’t screw up during taping.
  • The Full House producers didn’t want people to know that Michelle Tanner was played by twins, so Michelle was listed in the credits as being played by Mary Kate Ashley Olsen.
  • They missed their high school prom to host Saturday Night Live. I think that’s okay. It’s not like any of the rest of their life was normal.
  • On Full House, Ashley usually took the serious scenes while Mary Kate did the comedic ones. That makes me like Mary Kate more.
  • Mary Kate was a close friend of Heath Ledger.
  • Mary Kate had more screen time during the first season of Full House because Ashley would always cry. Baby.
  • The girls were going to leave after the first season because mom wanted them to have a normal childhood. A big fat raise changed her mind.
Mary Kate Ashley Olsen Ztams Teen Pinups
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen


  • There’s a car in the kitchen!
  • You got it, dude.
  • Are they going to be doing their taxis every night?
  • You’re in big trouble, mister!
  • My dad said if I can’t say anything nice I shouldn’t say anything at all…but my Dad’s not here and you’re a weenie!
  • This is no fun, no fun, looking at the wall.
  • Guess what? Politeness week is over!
  • It will be my pleasure.
  • Duh!
  • Let’s roll, daddy-O.
  • No way, Jose.
  • The doggy ate my ouce cream.
  • Why do you sound like a Mickey Mouse?
  • Boring, boring, why is my daddy so boring?
  • You’re as funny as Bugs Bunny.

I saw the girls on, I think, The Rosie O’Donnell Show way back when. I was impressed with them then and I think they were only about 13 at the time. They were on Ellen when they were adults and I was very impressed with them again. They’ve had their problems here and there (flopped movie, college, boyfriends, anorexia, etc.) but I think they’ve handle things quite gracefully. Their entire life, with the exception of the first six months, has been in the spotlight. I think they’re great women with an incredible future ahead of them.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – Ztams Teen Pinups and Magazine


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