Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling
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Aaron & Tori Spelling

Aaron Spelling

Yeah, I know Aaron Spelling wasn’t a teen idol. I still want to write about him though because he is responsible for a ton of great shows. He’s also the father of one of my favorite actresses, Tori Spelling.

Aaron Spelling was born in Dallas, Texas a really long time ago. He was bedridden for a year when he was a kid. I guess he was bullied a ton and the trauma of that led to him psychosomatically losing the use of his legs. That basically means he’s crazy and his mind made his legs stop working. Anyway, it all worked out for us because he read a lot of books during that time which gave him lots of ideas and a big imagination.

Aaron Spelling graduated college in 1949 where he was a cheerleader. No wonder he was bullied. I wonder if he was also on the badminton team. He got married after college but that only lasted five years. Aaron got married again in 1968 and he and his new wife had two children, Randy Spelling and the wonderful Tori Spelling. He then got busy with Hollywood, writing and acting for many years. In 1972, he formed Spelling Television and continued to have his hands in many different projects.

Spelling Family Ztams Teen Pinups
Randy, Candy, Aaron, & Tori Spelling


Aaron Spelling was involved in some way on almost 200 productions. He had so many shows on in the 70’s that people joked that ABC stood for Aaron’s Broadcasting Company. Some of the MANY shows that happened because of Aaron Spelling are:

Spelling was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2001. No, it’s not what you think. Nasty. He smoked a pipe for most of his life which most likely led to the cancer. Aaron Spelling suffered a stroke in June 2006 and died a week later at the age of 83. He certainly did a lot in those 83 years. Pop culture would definitely not be the same had it not been for Aaron Spelling. I vote for a new national holiday. We should have Aaron Spelling Day and all broadcasting must be a Spelling production. How cool would that be? We get to stay home from work, get paid for it, and watch The Love Boat or Beverly Hills, 90210 all day long. Yay for Aaron Spelling Day!


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