Hello! I used to have a pretty happening blog that made millions thousands hundreds…..okay, a FEW people laugh. It died somewhere. It’s lost in cyberspace. It just went poof one day. (FYI, I went poof earlier.) My entire website, all 30,000+ items, have been moved to a new format. I figure now’s a good time as any to start up the blog again. I hope there will be no poofing with this one.

My name is Tammy (the TAM in ztams) and I live in California with my husband. We’re both in our 40’s but we’re really 12 year olds trapped in these wrinkly old fat bodies. He plays trumpet for a living and I teach middle school music. We also have a daughter, Jazz, who barks a lot. (She poofs too. All over the back lawn.)

I have been loving the teen idol boys since I was a little girl. My sister and I would always go to the magazine section whenever we’d go grocery shopping with our mom. We would sit there looking at the magazines the entire time my mom was shopping. My sister was older than me so I tended to like whoever she was crushing on at the time. It drove her crazy. Tee hee. My first teen idol love without copying my sister was Canadian singer, Tony DeFranco. I was supposed to marry him. Not sure what happened there.

After Tony went through puberty, I didn’t like him anymore. He wasn’t nearly as cute to me. As Tony was entering manhood, a new little cutie by the name of Leif Garrett started appearing on the covers of my magazines. He was so dreamy. I also loved Ian Mitchell of The Bay City Rollers and John Schneider. Matt Dillon never had a shirt on so he was hot too.

I started selling some of my old magazines and pinups on eBay in the late 90’s and things just kind of took off from there. I like working on my website (it keeps me close to my childhood), and people seem to like to visit. So there.

I will try to blog at least a couple times a month. The blogs will be MUCH juicier than this one. This post was just kind of an introduction. You know you want to come back. 🙂


Tammy is a teen pinup collector and entrepreneur who has been offering an exceptional selection of vintage and modern teen pinups and rock magazines on Ztams for many years now.

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