Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Shirtless Sebastian!

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach was one of my favorite people on Celebrity Fit Club back in 2010. (It was a reality show where stars try to lose weight.) He was a bit scary to look at but he seemed very cool. I was never a heavy metal fan and had never even heard of Skid Row until I bought a huge lot of rock mags a few years back. I’m still not a heavy metal fan, but I do enjoy looking at Sebastian Bach, a.k.a. BAS, when he was a pinup boy some 30 years ago.

Sebastian Philip Bierk was born on April 3, 1968 in Freeport, Bahamas. His claim to fame is that of lead singer of the heavy metal band Skid Row. He was invited to join the band when he was only 18 in 1987. After almost ten years with the band and much success, he was fired in 1996.

Sebastian Bach Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Teen Idol BAS

Post Skid Row

Sebastian Bach then decided to give Broadway a try and made his debut in 2000 with the title role in Jekyll & Hyde. He received good reviews and was eventually replaced by David Hasselhoff when his contract was up. Bach also appeared as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show in 2001. In 2002 he was signed to play the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar. He was fired for being a diva.

Sebastian Bach also had a recurring role on the TV show Gilmore Girls from 2004-2007. He played a guitar player. What a stretch. Bach appeared in several episodes of Trailer Park Boys from 2007-2014 and then Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park from 2016-2017. He has released some solo albums with the last being Give ‘Em Hell in 2014. Sebastian Bach is currently on his Home Away From Home tour. So, it sounds like he’s keeping busy.

I guess Sebastian has a drinking problem. A rock star with a drinking problem. Big surprise. That would explain the extra pounds he was carrying around on Celebrity Fit Club. Alcohol does a lot of bad things to your organs, so hopefully he can beat this disease. I’ll toast to that.

Sebastian Bach Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Shirtless in leather!


  • Sebastian Bach married Maria Bierk in July 1992. They divorced in 2010. That’s a long marriage for a rock star.
  • He has three children with Maria, two of which are named after cities. Their children are Paris, London, and Sebastiana. Other names they considered were Bangkok, Mumbai, and Budapest. (I made that up.)
  • Sebastian Bach has been married to Suzanne Le since 2015.
  • Sebastian’s sister is an actress and his brother is a professional goaltender.
  • He used to be a choirboy.
  • Skid Row’s 1991 album Slave to the Grind debuted at #1 which was significant because it was the first metal album to do so.
  • The lyrics he wrote to Wasted Time were about friend Steven Adler (drummer for Guns ‘N Roses).

BAS seemed like a great guy on Celebrity Fit Club. I’m pretty sure that’s who he really is. I think any negative stuff that has been said about him may be true but was probably happening during his boozing period. I hope he keeps rockin’ and staying healthy.


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