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How many of you remember this Glenn Medeiros song?

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
You oughta know by now how much I love you.
One thing you can be sure of
I’ll never ask for more than your love.

In case you don’t recognize those lyrics, they’re from a mediocre 1987 soft rock hit called Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You. Originally recorded in 1984 by the great George Benson, but his version failed to chart. Little Glenn Medeiros came along in 1987 and recorded it. The song reached number 12 in the U.S. Yay.

Glenn Alan Medeiros was born on June 24, 1970 on Lihue, Kauai in Hawaii. He won a local radio contest in Hawaii when he was 17 by singing Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You. So I guess he’s kind of like the Justin Bieber of the 80’s. (Bieber was discovered from his You Tube videos.)

Medeiros recorded a total of nine albums and released 11 singles. Three of his singles hit number one somewhere in the world. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You hit number one in the UK and France, Friend You Give Me a Reason hit number one in France, and She Ain’t Worth It (with Bobby Brown) was number one in the U.S.

Glenn Medeiros Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsDr. Medeiros

Medeiros decided to pursue a different dream in 1995 by attending college with the hopes of becoming a teacher. He attended the University of Hawaii and received a BA in History. He also attended the University of Phoenix (Hawaii) and received an MA in Elementary Education. In 2014, Medeiros received his doctorate in Education. He’s taking this teaching gig pretty seriously. I think that’s way cool, Dr. Medeiros.

Glenn married Tammy (not me) in 1996.  He and his wife have two children, Lyric and Chord. I love that their children are named after musical terms. Son Chord Kaleohone was born on February 3, 2000. A little over a year later on May 1, 2001, his sister Lyric Leolani came along.

Glenn Medeiros has been a teacher, a vice principal, a principal, and is now the President/CEO of a school in Hawaii. I love how he went from being a teen idol to being in education. I think that’s heroic.

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Glenn Medeiros Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars


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