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The Party Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars

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The Party

The Party was a band of young kids who appeared on The All New Mickey Mouse Club during its MMC run of 1989-1994. Party is an acronym for Positive Attitude Reflecting Today’s Youth. The Disney Channel is the one responsible for forming the band. The Party was the first group to sign to Hollywood Records which was Walt Disney Company’s pop music label.

The group consisted of members Tiffini Hale, Chase Hampton, Albert Fields, Deedee Magno, and Damon Pampolina. They started appearing in the teen magazines (16, Bop, etc.) in the early 90’s with Damon Pampolina being the main teen idol of the group.

The Party released their first album in 1990 and it did moderately well. The group released their second album in 1992 which did not do as well and their first mediocre album. The group got to open in concert for Taylor Dayne, Color Me Badd, and Vanilla Ice and also appeared on different talk shows. It must be nice to be backed by Disney. The group disbanded in 1993.

Even though the band was no longer together, the record company released a third album which was basically outtakes from the previous album. The record company then released a greatest hits album in 1997. Don’t you need some hits to have a greatest hits album? So, this mediocre group manufactured by Disney released a total of four albums.

The Party Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars


Albert Fields was born March 3, 1975 and continues to perform and record on the indie circuit. Chase (Chasen) Hampton was born January 12, 1975 and is also continuing to record and perform. He is married and has a son and a daughter. Deedee Magno was born April 2, 1975 and is performing on Broadway. She is married and has two sons. Damon Pampolina was born April 6, 1975 and became a real estate agent in Southern California. He has since moved to Texas with his wife and son. Tiffini Hale was born July 30, 1975 and appears to no longer be in the business.

The band reunited in 2013 (without Tiffini Hale) and started working on a new album. I’m pretty sure the album was never released and my guess is they’ve disbanded once again. Damon has a few recent (2017) acting credits on imdb but it seems as though only Albert and Chase are still plugging along in the music business.

The Party Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars

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