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I know that Chris Kirkpatrick was a member of N Sync, but I don’t really know much about him. A customer from Europe has been purchasing his pinups, so I thought I would research and write a blog to see what all the hoopla was about.

Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick, born October 17, 1971 in Clarion, Pennsylvania, is mainly a singer but can also act and dance. He is best known of course for being one-fifth of the pop sensation N Sync. Chris is actually the one responsible for putting the band together. Cool, huh? He was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Ohio. After high school he moved to Florida to attend college. While at Rollins College, he bussed tables at an Outback restaurant and performed as a member of a Doo Wop group.

Chris Kirkpatrick Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsN Sync

Kirkpatrick met with Lou Pearlman in 1995 and this was the beginning of ’N Sync. Kirkpatrick auditioned for The Backstreet Boys (and didn’t make the cut) which is how he knew Lou Pearlman. The two met in 1995 to discuss forming a second group. It sounds like Pearlman agreed to fund the group if Kirkpatrick could find the boys. He first called his friend Joey Fatone who he had met while singing in his Doo Wop group at Universal Studios. The two of them, along with Pearlman, watched tapes of The Mickey Mouse Club and saw Justin Timberlake. After Timberlake joined, JC Chasez (who was Justin’s friend) joined on the recommendation of Justin. Chasez was also a member of The Mickey Mouse Club. Jason Galasso was the fifth member. I wonder if he’s related to Dream Street member Frankie Galasso. Anyway, Jason dropped out and Lance Bass came on board.

N Sync was a hit for many years but went on a “hiatus” in 2002. They’re still on a hiatus. As you all know, Justin Timberlake has been very successful in his solo career. It would be cool if they eventually did a reunion tour like New Kids on the Block are doing.

After N Sync

Chris Kirkpatrick was part of the reality show Gone Country in 2008. I had never even heard about this show until researching for this blog. It sounds cool. It’s a reality show where contestants compete to become a country music singer. I like country music and all, but I don’t know if I can picture Chris singing country. Anyway, he was up against Sebastian Bach, Jermaine Jackson, Lorenzo Lamas, and more. Sebastian Bach was declared the winner. Yee haw.

Chris Kirkpatrick Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsTrivia

  • Has been married to Karly Skladany since 2013. They have a two-year-old son.
  • He played football in junior high school. Cute.
  • Kirkpatrick is Irish, Scottish, Spanish, and Indian.
  • He is afraid of heights.
  • Eminem was a jerk and a bully when he made fun of him and boy bands in The Real Slim Shady.
  • Eminem continued to make fun of Chris with his song Without Me. I think that was during Eminem’s drug days. Hopefully he’s a nicer person now.
  • Chris is the voice of Chip Skylark in The Fairly Odd Parents.
  • He has acted in Angie Tribeca, Return of the Mac, King of the Golden Sun, and others.

I think this guy is very talented and hard working. BTW, a hard-working person always wins over talent in my book. At only 48, Chris Kirkpatrick has a lot left in his tank. I’m looking forward to what comes next.


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