Corey Haim

I was never a big fan of Corey Haim but I definitely knew who he was since he was plastered all over the teen magazines. Why did he always have his mouth open?

Corey Ian Haim (I LOVE the name Ian) was born on December 23, 1971 in Toronto, Ontario. I think his best-known movie was The Lost Boys. He had starred in a few others before that but hit it very big with that movie. He and Corey Feldman became known as The Two Corey’s and were a pretty big deal in the 80’s.

Haim’s breakout role was in 1986 in the coming of age movie, Lucas. The movie also starred Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, and Winona Ryder. Corey was offered the role of Chris in Stand By Me the same day he was offered Lucas. He chose Lucas and the Stand By Me part ended up going to River Phoenix. If Haim had chosen Stand By Me, he could have met and acted with Corey Feldman even earlier. Groovy.

Haim and Feldman became best buds while working on the set of The Lost Boys. They had met and knew of each other because they both auditioned for the role of Mouth in The Goonies. (Feldman ended up getting that part.) The Two Corey’s became the highest paid teen stars of the 80’s. Their friendship continued and grew as they made more movies together. They did lots and lots of drugs during the friendship. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Haim says he started drinking beer on the set of Lucas, did marijuana on the set of The Lost Boys, then cocaine for a year and a half, and then crank. He realized he had become addicted to drugs while on the set of the movie License To Drive in 1988. To help regain his wholesome image, Corey set up a pre-recorded drug advice line for teens. He later admitted to being high while giving the advice.


  • He got into acting because his mom put him in acting classes to help him deal with his shyness.
  • His parents were married for 18 years before divorcing when Corey was 11.
  • He dated Alyssa Milano for three years in the late 80’s.
  • He dated Drew Barrymore for a short time.
  • He was engaged to Nicole Eggert at one point. He credited her with saving his life.
  • He dated Victoria Beckham (Spice Girls) in 1995 for a brief period.
  • He lived with Sarah Jessica Parker and her then boyfriend Robert Downey Jr. for a few months while filming his first movie.
  • He was supposed to be Corey Feldman’s best man at his wedding but was unable to attend. I wonder why.
  • He was in eight movies with buddy Corey Feldman.
  • Corey Feldman accidentally punched Haim for real during a stunt in the movie Blown Away. I hate when that happens.
  • He auditioned for the role of Robin in Batman Forever. That role went to Chris O’Donnell.
  • He confessed to taking up to 85 valium a day. How in the world did his liver handle that?
  • He was arrested in 1993 for something having to do with guns.
  • That must have been hard.
  • Haim did rehab 15 times for his drug addiction.
  • In the month prior to his death, he used aliases to get 553 prescription pills (195 Valium, 149 Vicodin, 194 Soma, and 15 Xanax).
  • Corey’s career declined as his drug addiction grew. He said he stayed in bed and ate food and watched movies for eight and a half years. He said he didn’t leave his apartment for three and a half years. His weight ballooned to 302 pounds. How incredibly sad. He tried to make a comeback with Corey Feldman in 2007 when they starred in their own reality show, The Two Corey’s. That was canceled midway through the second season when the boys didn’t get along. Feldman was trying to do the tough love thing. Sometimes even tough love can’t overcome the demons. Corey Haim died of pneumonia on March 10, 2010.

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