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I loved Jason Bateman as a child actor. I loved his sarcasm and wit. He reminded me of a young Danny Bonaduce from The Partridge Family. His timing was perfect and he was a very funny boy. Then he grew up and I wasn’t as big of a fan.

I first saw Bateman as Ricky Schroder’s friend on Silver Spoons. Jason was so awesome that he got his own show called It’s Your Move. People didn’t realize how talented he was in that show and it was canceled after just one season. Balls. His next show confused me because the title kept changing. I think it started out as Valerie, then was changed to Valerie’s Family, and then The Hogan Family. I watched it for a bit. Bateman had a couple of cute brothers, played by Jeremy Licht and Danny Ponce, on the show. The show was finally canceled in 1991.

Jason Ken Bateman was born on January 14, 1969 in New York. He got into acting when he was 10. He followed a friend to an audition and the director asked him to read. Funny how things happen. His first big role was as an Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. He then went on to have regular roles in the aforementioned Silver Spoons, It’s Your Move, and Valerie’s Family. That’s when I lost interest.

I guess he went on to star in other sitcoms, but I’ve never heard of them and certainly don’t remember seeing them. I remember Jason in the movie Teen Wolf Too in 1987 which was a sequel to the 1985 Teen Wolf movie that Michael J. Fox starred in. Teen Wolf was kind of a remake of I Was a Teenage Werewolf which starred Michael Landon in 1957. Is there kind of almost a six degrees things going on here? Jason’s sister Justine starred on Family Ties with Michael J. Fox. Jason was in Little House on the Prairie with Michael Landon. Yeah, not quite six degrees but I’m sure I could figure something out if I thought long enough.

I think Jason took parts of the 90’s off to party and be a regular person. He had worked so much of his life and just wanted to relax. He admitted to drinking too much and doing some illegal drugs. The partying didn’t stop when he married his wife. She threatened to leave him so he cleaned up his act. Good boy. Your father-in-law would probably have put a hit out on you if his baby had to divorce you.

Jason is married to one of the many Paul Anka “A” daughters (there’s Amelia, Anthea, Alicia, Amanda, and Alexandra). Paul Anka is an ass. My ex-husband used to work for him and I was around quite a bit to see what Paul was all about. He was always nice to me, but such an evil and bitter little man to many others. Nobody has the right to treat people the way he does. Karma has a big ass surprise for him later on down the road. Have fun in hell.


  • He became the Director Guild of America’s youngest ever director when he directed three episodes of Valerie’s Family when he was only 18.
  • He formed a Hollywood repertory stage company with his sister and father.
  • He was ranked #60 on The 100 Greatest Kid Stars.
  • He had surgery in 2005 to remove a benign polyp from his throat.
  • He graduated from Pacific Hills School.
  • He’s a big fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • He won the celebrity Long Beach Grand Prix in 1987.
  • Jason was a star once again in 2003 when he starred in the sitcom Arrested Development. He also seems to show up in a lot of movies as a supporting character. I don’t recall him being the lead in a movie for a long time now.

    He was in the news a few years back for making out with Dustin Hoffman. Not really. They were sitting next to each other at a Lakers game and when the kiss-cam spotlighted them, they were good sports and kissed. Jason was also in the news for cutting in line at the Apple store to get his iPhone. Whatever. He was waiting in line with 2,000 other people. He was being a normal person when a store employee came out and took Jason out of line and escorted him into the store to get his iPhone. What would you have done? I would have gone in with the store employee. I think Jason got some bad publicity for that, but whatever. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Most recently, I’ve seen him pop up at some Dodger games. Go Dodgers! I love my Corey Seager. I digress. My bad.

    Jason Bateman isn’t a favorite of mine like he was when he was a young boy, but I do think he’s a decent actor and good person. I truly feel sorry for him being related to Paul Anka, but he’ll figure things out eventually. Check back soon for a new blog on a teen idol or TV show. Click here to see my Jason Bateman items. See you soon!


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