Rob Lowe has one of those gorgeous faces that will always make him good looking. He’s going to be handsome as a 60 year old. He’ll still be handsome at 90. He just has one of those faces. Rob became famous in the 1980’s after appearing in several movies and thereby making him a cool member of the Brat Pack. (We’ll talk about that later.)

Robert Hepler Lowe was born on March 17, 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hepler? Nice middle name. Rob’s parents divorced when he was very young and mom moved him and his younger bro Chad to California via Dayton, Ohio. Rob started modeling and then got his first TV show in the late 70’s. He portrayed Tony Flanagan in the short lived TV series A New Kind of Family. He then did a few of the ABC Afterschool Specials, one of which (Schoolboy Father) earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Rob moved onto the big screen and started showing up everywhere. Some of his many movies include:




  • Had a virus when he was an infant and is deaf in his right ear as a result.
  • Lost out on the role of Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley in the movie Titanic. That role went to Billy Zane.
  • Helped Arnold Schwarzeneger become Governor of California in 2003. Thanks, dude. Not.
  • Dated ‘Half Pint Laura Ingalls’ AKA Melissa Gilbert in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. They were so cute together but…..Rob slept with Nastassja Kinski so Melissa slept with John Cusack. That’s a good way to solve problems.
  • Was in a sex scandal in 1988 with little girls. I actually have pictures of this I found in a French magazine but they’re too racy to post here. Oui, oui.
  • Man whore.

The Brat Pack is a play on the 1950’s Rat Pack and is a name given to a group of young actors who often appeared together in teen movies of the 1980’s. Rob Lowe was definitely a part of the Brat Pack as was Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore. The rest of the list varies depending on who you talk to, but the following celebrities have been linked to the Brat Pack:

Judd Nelson
Mare Winningham
Anthony Michael Hall
Ally Sheedy
Molly Ringwald
Andrew McCarthy
Tom Cruise
Tommy Howell
Ralph Macchio
Patrick Swayze
Charlie Sheen
Jon Cryer
John Cusack
Kevin Bacon
Jami Gertz
Matthew Broderick
Sean Penn
Kiefer Sutherland

Rob Lowe continues to act but I don’t really follow him anymore. I know he portrayed Sam Seaborn in The West Wing in the early 2000’s. I also know he passed on the role of Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy. That role went to Patrick Dempsey instead. Doh! He’s been on Parks and Recreation as Chris Traeger and released a memoir in 2011 called Stories I Only Tell My Friends. He recently sold a somewhat autobiographical family drama to ABC about a mom and her two teenage boys who move from Indiana to Malibu in 1976.

I’ve seen Rob on Ellen (I love her!!) and he was pleasant and sweet and good looking. I thought it was nice that he talked about his kids. He’s all grown up now. I wonder if he’s had any relapses with his sex addiction. To dream about relapsing with Rob, please visit my website.rob lowe pinup shirtless


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