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Were you a Maureen McCormick fan?  Did you love Marcia from The Brady Bunch?  Guess what? I never liked Marcia.  I hated all the stupid things she went through. Who cares if you got braces? Who cares if you have the hots for your dentist? Davy Jones won’t sing at your school dance?  I don’t care.  Who cares that your nose is enormous and now Doug Simpson won’t go on a date with you? You got the part of Juliet? Okay.  Whatever.  Who cares if your diary is lost? Who cares about Harvey Klinger? You want to join the Frontier Scouts? Okay.  So what?  Molly Webber turned out to be a bitch? Boo hoo.  Who cares that you wanted the attic as your bedroom. The character was just a big bore to me.

Maureen Denise McCormick was born on August 5, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. I thought she was a horrible actress. Did anyone else think that? I didn’t really think she was that pretty either. Why did all the guys have the hots for her?  I just never saw it. When I saw Maureen as herself (talk shows, Celebrity Fit Club, etc.) she seemed to be the same person as Marcia. So I’m guessing Maureen never really acted. She was just being her normal self. I’m feeling a bit mean today. My bad. I’m sure she’s a lovely person.

Maureen McCormick Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsTrivia

  • Maureen McCormick had a crush on all three of her TV brothers AND her TV dad. For those who don’t speak Brady, she had a crush on Barry Williams, Chris Knight, Mike Lookinland, and Robert Reed. I had a crush on Robert Reed even after I found out he was gay.
  • She had a crush on Fred MacMurray when she acted on My Three Sons.
  • Maureen dated Barry Williams during The Brady Bunch. They had their first romantic kiss when they filmed the Hawaiian episodes in the summer of 1972.
  • She won the Baby Miss San Fernando Valley beauty pageant when she was six years old. I’ve seen pictures. Maureen was a cutie pie.
  • She showed up high for an audition with Steven Speilberg for a part in Raiders of the Lost Ark. She didn’t get the part.
  • Maureen recorded four albums with The Brady Bunch and a really bad one with Christopher Knight.
  • She used to drive to Michael Jackson‘s house to hang out with him and watch TV.
  • She was good friends with LaToya Jackson.
  • Maureen used to cut class with Susie Cowsill to drink beer.
  • She shoplifted with Susie Cowsill once and ran when the sensors went off. Maureen didn’t get caught but Susie did.
  • She went on a date with Steve Martin but was too high to remember anything. He never called her again.
  • Maureen won Celebrity Fit Club in 2007 by losing over 30 pounds. I’ve seen her recently and she still looks really good.
  • In 2015, Maureen lasted 42 days on Australia’s I’m a Celebrity…..Get Me Out of Here!
  • In 2016, she finished in 8th place on Dancing with the Stars.

Maureen McCormick Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsCurrent Maureen/Marcia

Maureen wrote a book in 2008 called Here’s the Story. Being the Brady fan that I am, of course I own it. She talks about how she used to go swimming at Florence Henderson’s house and how Flo would swim topless. Maureen said Flo had great boobs. I love Florence Henderson and think she was awesome, especially as she got older. I actually like most of the Brady Bunch people. It’s really just Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams who bug me. Barry not nearly as much as Maureen, but….

After The Brady Bunch was canceled, Maureen turned to cocaine and Quaaludes. Sounds about right. She’s admitted to trading sex for cocaine. She had two unwanted pregnancies, both of which she aborted. She dealt with bulimia, paranoia, and depression. I’m depressed just writing this. I guess she was so depressed once that she threatened to jump from a balcony in front of her husband. That would be a neat Brady episode. Seriously, I’m glad she’s better now.

Maureen has said that a film would likely be made about her autobiography. Wow. She must think highly of herself. I believe (and hope) that she is sober today. Wikipedia states that she still suffers from depression but she is on medication to help with it. Even though she was my least favorite Brady, I still hope for only good things for her.

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