The Brady Bunch Episode #10

The Brady Bunch Episode #10

The Brady Bunch Episode #10

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Bobby Brady

Welcome to my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #10. My plan is to review all 117 episodes. My favorite years were the middle years. I can hardly wait to get there. Anyhoo….

The Brady Bunch Episode #10 originally aired on December 5, 1969 and is called “Every Boy Does It Once”. Mmmm……that could refer to so many things. This show focuses on Bobby which is perfectly and wonderfully played by Mike Lookinland. After watching Cinderella on TV, Bobby thinks that all stepmothers and stepsisters are evil. Carol asks him to sweep the fireplace and Marcia and Jan are being little bitches, so Bobby decides to run away. I’m sure glad everything works out in the end because otherwise that three by three cube in the beginning of the show wouldn’t work.

The show opens with Bobby, Thindy, and Tiger laying on a pillow watching Cinderella, or as Cindy would say Thinderella. Hey, whatever happened to Tiger? Why is Cindy wearing orange and red? Ugly. The kids talk about how mean the stepmother was in the movie they just watched. Thindy says that Bobby thure is lucky he got a nithe thtepmom. Just then, Carol walks in and asks Bobby to help Alice out by cleaning out the fireplace. Ummm….what are they paying Alice for? Why should any of the kids have to do her work? I can understand picking up after themselves, but asking a little boy to clean a fireplace?

Brady Bitches

In the next scene Bobby is whining about having to wear Greg’s old clothes. Look at the pants he’s wearing. They’re so high I can’t believe it. They’re higher than was fashionable at that time. Whose hand-me-downs are those? The midget from next door? Jan and Marcia come downstairs moments later and Jan’s pants are fine. They’re the perfect length. The girls make fun of Bobby and are total bitches to him before they leave for the movies. Their laughter as they exit is not very nice. How come Mike and Carol allowed that? It was so not Brady like.

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Bobby Brady

Everyone is out of the Brady house on Friday night except for Bobby and Alice. Bobby is being all pouty because nobody said goodbye to him. Alice tells him how everyone in the house loves him. Bobby says: “When everybody leaves and nobody says goodbye, that ain’t love.” I like when everyone is out of my house.

Bobby decides to run away since everyone hates him. He’s up in his room packing when Peter finally makes his first appearance of the show. Bobby tells Peter what’s up and makes him promise not to tell anybody. The next scene has Peter downstairs telling Greg everything. What a turd.


Mike and Carol are at the bike shop trying to buy Bobby’s love. They get him a super duper bike with a banana seat and his own license plate. Groovy. When they realize that the bike is just a bribe, they leave without purchasing the bike. They return home to find that Bobby is about to run away from home. Mike goes up to talk to Bobby. Bobby is surprised that his dad is going to let him go. Mike walks Bobby down the stairs with his big ass suitcase. Surprise! There’s Carol waiting at the bottom of the stairs with a suitcase. She’s going to run away with Bobby too! When Bobby finds out that his stepmom would make this huge sacrifice and go on the lam with him, he decides to stay. Carol tells him the only steps in the house are the ones leading back up to his room. Stupid.

FYI, The Partridge Family stole this same episode when Chris and Tracy ran away.  Their episode was called “Home is Where the Heart Was” and aired on January 7, 1972, more than three years AFTER this Brady episode.  Partridge thief!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #10. Please stop back soon.


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