The Brady Bunch Episode #11

The Brady Bunch Episode #11
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The Brady Bunch Episode #11

Welcome to my Brady world! Why isn’t this show on in reruns anymore? I own every DVD ever made, but it would be nice to see it while channel surfing. Anyway, this is my expert critique of The Brady Bunch Episode #11. This episode is called “Vote for Brady” and originally aired on December 12, 1969. Greg and Marcia both compete for class president at their school. It’s boys against the girls again in the Brady household!

The show opens with Carol and Alice gardening in the fake backyard. Marcia runs in yelling “Mother, Mother!” Who the hell calls their mom “Mother”? Can you please pass the grey poupon? Marcia is all excited because she’s been nominated for president of the student body. Greg then runs in with his big ole alien eyes and says the same thing. Both Brady kids have been nominated to run against each other for president. Uh oh!

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I hate you, Greg!
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Shut up, whore.

Brady Fighting!

The fighting starts almost immediately with Greg and Marcia. They start screaming at each other over the use of the phone. Maybe it’s time for the pay phone again. Marcia gets pissed at Greg and slams the phone down. Mike bitch slaps her. And when I say bitch slap, I mean he lectures her.

The next scene is in the boys’ bedroom and shows Peter and Bobby fighting with Jan and Cindy over who will make the better president. There’s a hippity hop there. I loved those as a kid and have seen adult ones for sale.  I think I’ll get one and hop around the neighborhood.

Mike and Carol decide to let Greg and Marcia know they’re not taking sides and that they’ll be there if they need them. Mike shows Greg how to use a tape recorder. That seems funny. Weren’t tape recorders common in 1969? Greg goes to show off his groovy cassette player at school the next day but realizes the tape has been erased. That dastardly Marcia! Of course he blames Marcia, but he probably screwed it up himself.

Marcia and Greg are all pissy at each other again. Marcia thinks Greg took the plans for her campaign slogans and Greg thinks Marcia erased his tapes. Mike and Carol come in to save the day. Lecture number three thousand.


Alice, Jan, and Cindy decide to help out Marcia by creating campaign posters for her. Cindy (Thindy) makes one that says “Vtoe fro Mriaca”. Was Thindy dythlexic?

Greg and Marcia give their speeches to the family for practice. What family owns their own podium? While Marcia is giving her speech, the boys are giving her death looks. Marcia can’t take it and starts her fake crying again. Thindy doesn’t get it and starts clapping. That part always made me laugh. Brady lecture number three thousand and one. “We’re going to be a family for a lot longer than either Marcia or Greg would be in office.”

Marcia the Whore

Greg is out in the backyard with his campaign people when one of them suggests they start a rumor about Marcia being a whore. That’ll be a sure way for Greg to win! “Marcia was seen in the balcony at the movies last Saturday afternoon with that creep, Felix Brown!” Yeah…….that should make her lose the election. Wouldn’t that make her more popular? Marcia overhears everything as she hides behind a twig in the backyard. Greg threatens to “knock your head in” if those rumors get started. He then fires his campaign manager. What a sweet brother.

During the speeches at school, Marcia reconsiders her candidacy because she thinks Greg is “real groovy”. Alice bakes a cake for Greg and Marcia and everyone is happy.

The tag of The Brady Bunch Episode #11 is Thindy excitedly yelling for her mommy. She’s very happy that she was voted crossing guard for a whole week. The down side is that she beat out Bobby for the position. Uhhh…..what school has a six year old crossing guard? Can you imagine Thindy directing traffic?

Thank you so much for reading my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #11. I hope you’ll come back again.


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