The Brady Bunch Episode #16

The Brady Bunch Episode #16
The Brady Bunch Episode #16 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Beebe on his mind

The Brady Bunch Episode #16

Thanks for joining me for The Brady Bunch Episode #16 review. Only 101 episodes left to review. This episode originally aired on January 16, 1970 and is entitled Mike’s Horror-Scope. It might as well be called Mike’s Whore-Scope since this episode is about a pink whore named Beebe. This was one of my least favorite episodes. It’s so slow moving and doesn’t feature any of the kids. Everyone knows the best episodes center around the kids. This episode is about some pink lady who wants Mike to design her new factory. Wow. How exciting.

The show opens with Mike opening the bedroom window as he and Carol prepare for bed. I believe this is the only time Mike and Carol’s bedroom window was ever shown. Pretty groovy, huh? They both get into bed and read the paper. Uhh….I read the paper in the morning (on my computer). I sleep when I get into bed. Anyway, Carol is reading her horoscope which has something to do with not purchasing anything. Mike thinks astrology is stupid but reads his anyway. It says “A strange woman will soon come into your life”. Cue eerie music…..or porn music. Bow chicka bow wow.

While Carol is baking a huge ass cake the next day, Mike calls her from work wearing the ugliest coat known to man. Carol is very excited to hear his voice on the other end of the receiver. I’m usually disturbed when anyone calls me. Mike is telling Carol that no strange women have come into his life yet that day. Just as he says that, some hooker looking foreign chick enters his office. Mr. Brady gets flusters and hangs up.

Beebe Gallini

The Brady Bunch Episode #16 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Um….excuse me, whore?

The character Beebe Gallini (played by Abbe Lane) walks into Mike’s office with her feminine secretary, Duane (played by Joe Ross). Beebe is a whore who loves the color pink. Beebe loves Beebe. She wants Mike to design her new factory and the only stipulation is that it’s pink. She wants it Beebe pink. There’s a shot where Mike Brady is checking out Beebe’s cleavage. That’s so not Brady-like. Shame on you, Michael Brady!

It’s now Saturday and Mike was planning on taking the boys on a big fishing trip. Beebe calls and wants Mike to work instead. Pink bitch. Carol ends up taking the boys fishing so they’re not disappointed. Alice takes the girls horseback riding (instead of Carol).

The next scene finally introduces some of the kids. It’s about time! Marcia, Jan, and Cindy help Alice into the house after their horseback outing. She’s walking like she maybe had a hard night with Sam. Greg, Peter, and Bobby finally make their first appearance of this episode by helping Carol into the house. She’s all seasick and smells like fish.


The Brady Bunch Episode #16 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Pilot of the hair bomber

Mike arrives at work one morning to find that Beebe has taken over his office. She has various types of pink on display for him. Mike shows her the initial designs that he worked hard on but Beebe doesn’t like them. She now decides she wants her factory in the shape of a powder puff. A pink one, of course. Then she thinks a factory in the shape of a tube of (pink) lipstick would be best. Then she decides her factory should be in the shape of a dildo. Just kidding. I made that one up.

The kids are all bugging Carol because Mike is never around. Peter needs help fixing his airplane. Bobby needs help with his homework. Thindy is wondering what happened to Daddy. Marcia and Greg come in looking for him. Carol gets pissy and sends all of the kids to bed. Don’t take your anger out on your kids, Carol.

It’s Saturday again and Mike gets to finally stay home. He’s fixing Peter’s airplane as the doorbell rings. Guess who? Beebe stops by on her way to a charity event to tell Mike that she now wants her factory in the shape of a compact. Peter accidentally lets go of his airplane which ends up in Beebe’s hair. Hahaha! Cindy and Bobby run down the stairs with water guns and then attack each other with Beebe in the middle. Beebe gets pissed off and fires Mike. Everyone is happy. The end.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #16. Click here to check out my other Brady Bunch reviews. See you soon!


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