The Brady Bunch Episode #17

The Brady Bunch Episode #17

The Brady Bunch Episode #17

Hello! Welcome to my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #17. This episode originally aired on January 23, 1970 and is called The Undergraduate. The number one song on this day was The Partridge Family‘s “I Think I Love You”. Pretty groovy, huh?

The Brady Bunch Episode #17 is about alien eyed boy Greg being in love with a Linda. Nobody can figure out who this chick is (is she made up like George Glass?) so everyone sets out to find Linda. It turns out that she’s Greg’s math teacher. Greg is sucking at math because he’s having impure thoughts about the hot teacher. I can honestly say I’ve never had that problem with any of my math teachers. Well, my calculus 2 teacher was kind of interesting……

Barry Williams The Brady Bunch Episode #17 Ztams Teen Pinups
Googley Eyed Greg

Googley Eyed Greg

The episode opens with Greg lying on his bed all googley eyed. Carol comes in and assumes he’s sick so she takes his temperature. I wonder if Barry Williams was excited having Florence Henderson sit on his bed while he’s lying in it. There were lots of rumors about those two. I think they went on a fake date or something. Whatever.

Greg later walks into Mike’s den so he can get his crappy math test signed. Robert Reed looks gorgeous (as always) in his baby blue shirt. Greg got a 48% on his math test. If you’re failing math, does that number really mean anything to you?

The next scene is with Marcia on her bed. How horny Barry Williams must have been to shoot this episode! Marcia is hemming her skirt. Do kids that age normally know how to sew? I’m old and I don’t know how to sew. Anyhoo, Greg is getting girl advice from his sis.

Chris Knight makes his first appearance in this episode in the next scene when they show Peter looking up Greg’s nose. I think he’s actually looking for signs of a moustache, but it looks more like booger patrol.

Barry Williams The Brady Bunch Episode #17 Ztams Teen Pinups
I love Linda

The Mysterious Linda

Alice finds some sappy crappy love letter in Greg’s book addressed to Linda. Mike and Carol figure out that Greg has puppy love which is why he appears sick and is sucking at math. Everyone sets out to find this Linda.

Bobby comes home from school and grabs the cookie jar and starts talking to Carol. The cookie jar is not full when he brings it over to the kitchen table but magically appears topped off in the next scene. Mike Lookinland is wonderful as always. Susan Olsen (Cindy) and Eve Plumb (Jan) have yet to make an appearance in this episode.

The next scene is Greg looking stoned in his math class. He’s looking at and drooling over this big headed woman which they call Linda (played by Gigi Perreau). She has to be pretty clueless to not know he has a crush on her. I hate stupid clueless teachers.

Titty Carry All

Hey! Thindy makes her first appearance halfway through this episode. She is, of course, playing with her thupid doll, Kitty Karry-All. Her line is “Feeding Kitty Karry-All” but it sounds like she said “Feeding Titty Karry-All”. That could be the name of a bra. The Titty Carry All. Why is Cindy wearing red pants and an orange shirt? Did she dress herself?

Jan makes her first appearance swinging on the swings in the backyard. I used to have a swing set. I kind of wish I still had one. How cool would it be to just go out back and swing when things got tough? Anyway, Alice is trying to get Linda info out of Jan but she knows nothing. She ends up coming to the conclusion that her mom is pregnant and they’re going to name the baby Linda.

Wes Parker (Go Dodgers!)

Mike finally figures out who Linda is when he receives a letter from Greg’s math teacher. Mike goes to meet big head in her room at school. They’re talking about how to get through to Greg when Linda mentions maybe having her “boyfriend” talk to him. Mike replies with “Is that your fiancé parked in a car outside the school?” How did Linda’s man go from boyfriend to fiancé?

Linda’s boyfriend or fiancé or whatever turns out to be Dodgers star Wes Parker. (Go Dodgers!) Wes comes to the classroom and meets Greg, who gets the same alien googley eyed look he did with Linda. He’s suddenly speechless and stupid. Wes makes a deal with Greg. If he gets an A in math, Wes will give him two tickets to the season opener. Nothing like bribery to get a young kid to study hard.

The tag of The Brady Bunch Episode #17 is of Greg lying in bed just like the opening scene. I guess he got a substitute in biology who he’s crazy over. Horn dog.

Barry Williams The Brady Bunch Episode #17 Ztams Teen Pinups
Will you be my teacher?


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