The Brady Bunch Episode #18

The Brady Bunch Episode #18
The Brady Bunch Episode #18 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Tiger is missing!

The Brady Bunch Episode #18

Welcome to my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #18. This episode is called Tiger! Tiger! and originally aired on January 30, 1970. It’s about Tiger being a slut puppy. FYI, the number one song that day was I Want You Back by The Jackson 5. That’s one of my favorite songs.

The episode opens with Bobby playing with Tiger in the fake backyard. Mike Lookinland is adorable with his fake black/brown hair. Bobby goes into the house to get food for Tiger and when he comes back out, Tiger is gone! Oh, no! Bobby panics and the dramatic music plays in the background.

Mike’s Balls

The next scene is of Mike looking like a dork and playing with his balls. He’s telling Bobby not to worry because the other kids are out looking for Tiger. Meanwhile, he’s getting ready to bail and go play golf. Bobby lays a guilt trip on him and asks his dad if he would still play golf if HE were missing. Good one, Bobby!

The next scene is the station wagon like driving into the backyard. I don’t understand that angle at all. Why do they show Mike unbuckling his seat belt? Was it “wear your seat belt” week then or something? While I do enjoy looking at Robert Reed‘s crotch, that was a really odd camera shot. It didn’t make sense. Anyway, Tiger is still lost.

Award Money

Mike and Bobby write an ad to put in the local paper. Mike decides to offer a $25 reward for Tiger (Bobby wanted to make it a million). Greg and Peter walk up and offer to throw in random amounts of money. Greg got his money from dealing dope and Peter has some saved from his last porn film. The total comes to $32.26 for Tiger’s reward.

Alice is in the kitchen showing Marcia, Jan, and Cindy something about egg whites. Alice adds another $5 to the reward and the girls also decide to throw in their extra money they made hookin’ it on the corner over by Filmore Junior High.


The older boys overhear Alice telling Mike and Carol that maybe thieves lured Tiger away so they could rob the house. Greg and Peter sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to rig up some booby traps for the potential burglars. Booby. Tee hee. Alice and Carol both hear the commotion caused by the boys. They get scared and assume the house is being broken into. Carol sends Mike downstairs where he ends up with Greg’s baseball bat. Alice investigates and is attacked by the cans that the boys set up. Alice’s screams prompt Carol to run downstairs and fake turn on the light. At least move the switch into the upright position. Geez.

Greg’s friend Steve saw Tiger out and about (Steve saw Tiger! Steve saw Tiger!) which is very exciting for the Brady’s after receiving many false calls. No, our dog has a tail. No, Tiger is a boy. The kids and Mike go out looking for Tiger in the area that Steve saw him. Peter ends up finding him at some big headed lady’s house which is actually the Brady backyard in disguise…..and not a very good one. Mike and Bobby drive up in the station wagon and they do a crotch shot of Bobby taking off his seatbelt. What the hell?

The Brady Bunch Episode #18 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
The Brady Kids

Random Stuff

  • The license plate of the station wagon is 746 AEH.
  • Guest stars on this episode were Maggie Malooly and Gary Grimes.

It turns out that Tiger has visited this house before. The female dog that lives there now has three puppies. You nasty boy, Tiger!

The show ends the same way it opened, clothes and all. Bobby is in the fake backyard playing with Tiger. This time he tells Tiger to stay there. Tiger heard “Blah blah blah”.

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #18. Please come visit me again soon. Click here to read my other Brady Bunch reviews!


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