The Brady Bunch Episode #21

The Brady Bunch Episode #21
The Brady Bunch Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines
The Hero

The Brady Bunch Episode #21

This episode is about when Peter saves a girl in a toy store. He gets a big fat head and says “Wow!” a lot. This episode is entitled “The Hero” and originally aired on February 20, 1970. I think it might be the Brady Bunch episode that had the most extras. This must have broken the bank.

(Extras include Pitt Herbert, Danny Sue Nolan, Dani Nolan, Dave Morick, Joe Conley, Randy Lane, Iler Rasmussen, Susan Joyce, and Melanie Baker.)

This episode opens with Peter in a groovy toy store. A little girl named Tina sees a Kitty Carry All doll on the top shelf and climbs to reach it. Things are falling down all around her but I guess she’s somehow unaware because she keeps climbing. The bolt that’s holding the shelf to the wall is coming loose and the whole structure is about to fall on her. Peter sees this and runs over to grab her. (NOTE: You can see the wires that were holding the shelf in place.) Good news!  Tina is okay! The mom tells the owner she isn’t worried about the wall that fell. She’s just happy that her little Tina is safe. Nowadays that would have been a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Peter comes home from the toy store looking like he was beaten and gang raped. When did he tear his clothes? Peter tells his brothers about saving a little girl and they don’t believe him. Hahaha.

The Brady Bunch Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines

Peter the Hero

The newspaper people come to the door to interview Peter and he utters his first “Wow!” of the show. There should have been a drinking game for that. After the newspaper people leave, the girls (Marcia, Jan, Cindy) tell Peter he’s a hero. This is when the big head begins. Greg and Bobby offer their congratulations as they now believe him. Peter’s head grows more. Alice then makes him a Straw Split Fudge Short (a combination of all of his favorite desserts) because of his heroism. Big head big head big head. (Think Chandler Bing.)

When Peter’s picture appears on the front page of the newspaper the next morning, the head grows more. Bobby and Cindy fight at the kitchen table and call each other a stupid ass. Peter sees the picture and utters another overacted “Wow!”.

The Brady Bunch Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock MagazinesPeter the Big Head

The next scene has Peter in his room cutting out his picture in the newspaper and putting it in his scrapbook. Marcia and Jan walk in and stand behind him but I guess he doesn’t hear them. He then gets up and flexes and does other stupid things in the mirror while the girls whisper behind him. How come he doesn’t see them in the mirror or hear them whispering?

Peter talks to his friends and tells them the toy store story. He has embellished it just a tad. He has now saved the entire world.

Mrs. Spencer (Tina’s mom) meets Peter at the toy store. She wants to buy him something for saving her daughter. She ends up buying him pretty much everything in the store. Ike from The Waltons shows up to deliver all the toys and Alice flirts with him. He calls her a sweetheart. Sour liver. Salty pancreas. (See what I did there?)

Mike and Carol drive up in their groovy station wagon and see all of the Driscoll toy store boxes in the yard. Mike told Peter he could keep only one gift. Peter throws a fit. The newspaper dudes show up again and present Peter with a plaque for Hero of the Month and a $50 check. I like how the actor holding the camera never gets to talk. I suppose they’d have to pay him more money.

The Brady Bunch Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines

Peter Brady Party

Peter decides to blow his entire $50 on a party for himself. He tells his brothers and sisters about the party and then calls his friends. One of the friends he calls (Jenny) is talking to Peter from the Brady master bedroom. You’d think they could disguise the sets better. None of Peter’s brothers and sisters or friends want to come to his party. Loser!

Nobody shows up the day of the party. This was when the term “Peter Brady Party” was coined. A Peter Brady Party is when nobody shows up to your party. Peter looks extra groovy in his green suit jacket and suede desert boots. He goes up to his room to pout when Carol comes up to talk to him. She lures him downstairs where his brothers and sisters are waiting for him at the party. Hey! The people that live here are here! Yay! I’m not a loser after all!

The tag of The Brady Bunch Episode #21 is of Peter laying on Greg’s bed. Gross. Mike and Carol come in and Mike slaps Peter on the ass. Mmm……never mind. Peter thinks it’s a good thing that nobody came to his party because then he would just have gotten an even bigger head.

FYI, I believe the total “WOW!” count in this episode was only four. I guess it seemed like more because it was so stupid and overdone. Still, I wouldn’t mind four shots of Jagermeister.

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