The Brady Bunch Episode #26

The Brady Bunch Episode #26 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsThe Brady Bunch Episode #26

Welcome to season two of The Brady Bunch! The Brady Bunch Episode #26 is called The Dropout and originally aired on September 25, 1970. Don Drysdale from the Los Angeles Dodgers compliments Greg on his pitching arm and then Greg gets a huge ego. He plans to not attend college and wants to drop out of high school…..because he’s going to be a big baseball star. Not.

The show opens with Greg pitching in the backyard with Bobby and Peter retrieving the ball. Then it cuts to Mike in his den presenting blueprints to Don Drysdale for his new house. I wonder if Don’s new house looks the same as the Brady house.

Big Head

Mike brings Drysdale out to the backyard to meet Greg. The boys all geek out. Don gives Greg a compliment and his big head explosion begins.

The next scene is of the girls doing ballet in their bedroom. Cute. I never did ballet. I played with cars. Greg continues on with his big head. In his mind, he’s now a great pitcher with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Carol wakes up and tries to snuggle with Mike. They hear weird sounds and it’s 5:00 in the morning. 5:00!! They act like that’s early. Why aren’t people up by that time? Mike now hears the sound and thinks it must be the hot water heater. Wouldn’t someone have to be up to use the hot water for the hot water heater to make noise? Alice now emerges from her hole in the kitchen and looks terrified. The noise turns out to be Greg working out with weights in the family room.

It’s later in the day now and Greg is quizzing Carol with his knowledge of baseball from his baseball encyclopedia. Carol proves how dumb she is. Carol goes to complain to Mike about Greg being obsessed. She tries to sound smart. She fails.

The Brady Bunch Episode #26 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsBaseball vs School

Mike comes home from work to find Carol on the phone to Mrs. Pearson. She’s one of Greg’s teachers and called to tattle that Greg didn’t turn in his assignment this week. Oh no! One whole assignment? Greg’s defense is that he’s going to be a baseball player. “They don’t have to know anything.” He tells his parents he’s not going to college and doesn’t know why he even has to finish high school. That’s the spirit!

Mike and Carol have Don Drysdale over to the house for coffee to talk about their son. They decide to tell Greg that there are bad things to baseball too. They find him in the backyard practicing. Drysdale is doing a good job talking about the crap with being a baseball player but Greg isn’t buying it. He’s decided to just start right at the top. He is so delusional.

The next scene is the girls in their ballerina outfits. They look pretty adorable. Greg is bummed that they’re not coming to his game. He decides to give Cindy his autograph since she’s not going to be at the game. Big head big head big head.

The Brady Bunch Episode #26 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsGreg Sucks

Cut to Greg’s ball game (someone’s ballgame). Greg is getting slaughtered. They’re hitting everything off him. Greg shows up at home afterwards super sad and depressed. Bobby and Peter are thrilled. I love this part. “They clobbered him. Yeah, they couldn’t get anybody out.” The boys are very excited at their brother’s failure. That’s the Brady way!

Mike goes upstairs to talk to crybaby Greg. He finds him sitting on Peter’s bed. Why isn’t he on his own bed? Get off my lawn. He’s ready to quit baseball forever. “I’m never gonna play that dumb game again.” Bipolar much, Greg?

The Brady Bunch Episode #26 was not my favorite episode. I don’t think any of the episodes featuring Barry Williams were a favorite. Check back soon for the next Brady Bunch episode review.


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