The Brady Bunch Episode #6

The Brady Bunch Episode #6
The Brady Bunch Episode #6 Ztams Teen Pinups

The Brady Bunch Episode #6

Welcome to my Brady Bunch corner of the world! This is my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #6. Only 111 more episodes to review! Yay! The name of The Brady Bunch Episode #6 is “A Clubhouse is not a Home” and originally aired on October 31, 1969…..exactly 33 years before my wedding. How exciting! (We’re divorced now.) This episode is about the boys and girls sharing (and Mom and Dad!) and how they deal with the clubhouse in the backyard that was never ever seen in any other episode.

This show opens with the kids nicely playing in the fake backyard. Peter and Jan are pushing Bobby and Cindy on the swings. Aw, how sweet. I don’t remember my older brothers and sisters pushing me. I had to do it myself. Greg and Marcia are tossing a basketball back and forth. How fun! Mike, Carol, and Alice toast with milk about how great the perfect children are getting along.

Cut to Mike and Carol in their bedroom measuring the inside of the closet. Half of 6’4” is 3’2”. Do married couples really talk like that? Maybe that’s why my marriage didn’t last. Mike and Carol use a high heeled shoe to mark the middle of the closet. Throughout the show whenever Mike isn’t looking, Carol moves the shoe to give her more room in the closet. What is that teaching the young people watching this show? That it’s okay to lie and be dishonest? I may not always be nice, but I’m always honest.

Susan Olsen Cindy Brady Ztams Teen Pinups
Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen)

Groovy Brady Bunch Dialogue

JAN: Marcia, how come you get two dresser drawers and I only get one?
CINDY: She wears fatter clothes.

Thindy is funny!

Greg, Peter, and Bobby get tired of hauling and moving boxes around for the girls. They have a mini spat in the girls’ room before heading out to their clubhouse to sulk. Dad comes out and has a Brady moment with the boys and tells them to shape up and be nice to the girls. Something like that. Mike Brady lecture number one in Brady Bunch Episode #6.

Toilet Mystery

Cut to the scene in the bathroom with Marcia and Greg fighting. Now where in the world could the toilet be? They show the two sinks, all three doors (one to the hallway, one to the girls’ room, and one to the boys’ room), and the bathtub. The toilet would have to be in this scene. Do the kids just pee in the tub?

There are more problems brewing with the children. Oh no! Jan steals the sign from the clubhouse which angers Peter. Thindy steals Bobby’s Little Owl Indian outfit (and looks adorable in it). If she doesn’t take it off by the time he counts to three, he’s gonna scalp her. That would have been an awesome and macabre Brady twist.

All six kids are chasing each other and end up in Mom and Dad’s room where Marcia gets knocked on her ass. That made me laugh. I wonder if it was blocked that way. I doubt it. Funny stuff.

The Brady Bunch Girls Ztams Teen Pinups
The Brady Bunch Girls
The Brady Bunch Boys Ztams Teen Pinups
The Brady Bunch Boys










Mike talks to the family (I believe The Brady Bunch Episode #6 is the first time a family meeting takes place) and tells everyone they need to start sharing everything.  Because of Mike’s speech, the girls decide they can invade the boys’ clubhouse and put frilly ugly curtains up. Carol thinks the boys should share but Mike disagrees.

Man, Mike’s eyes are such a beautiful blue in this episode. I still have a huge crush on him all these years later. Yes, I know he’s dead and was gay when he was alive, but still. It doesn’t matter to me. He was beautiful.

Play Dumb, You Suck

Since the Brady females and the Brady males can’t come to an agreement about the clubhouse, Alice has an idea to build a second clubhouse. She uses the “play dumb, you suck” idea so the men will end up building the clubhouse for them. The girls didn’t really have to play dumb because they are dumb. And they suck.

Carol has a big head in this episode. What’s up with her hair?

The new girls’ clubhouse turns out awesome and very pink! The boys’ clubhouse collapses because Bobby pulled out the nails when they were needed for the new clubhouse. Oops.

The boys decide they should be able to use the new girls’ clubhouse which gets everyone fighting again. Jesus, just burn them down. (The clubhouses, not the kids.)

The show ends with Mike and Carol drinking coffee in the kitchen. I think they drink coffee at least once each episode. The kids are in the next room fighting about what to watch on TV. What a bunch of little brats. Mike and Carol laugh. The end.  I hope you enjoyed my honest review of The Brady Bunch Episode #6.

Please check back in a few days for a new blog. I also review The Partridge Family episodes if you want to check those out. Thanks for reading!


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