The Brady Bunch Episode #7

The Brady Bunch Episode #7
The Brady Bunch Episode #7 from Ztams Teen Pinups

The Brady Bunch Episode #7

Welcome to my review of The Brady Bunch Episode #7. This episode is titled Kitty Karry-All is Missing and originally aired on November 7, 1969. This episode is a precursor to The People’s Court. Cindy wrongly accuses Bobby of taking her stupid doll, Kitty Karry-All. Everything is, of course, resolved within 30 minutes.

The thow openth with Thindy thinging to her doll. “Rock a bye baby, in the tree top. When the wind blowth, the cradle will rock.”

What the hell is Carol wearing? It looks like someone’s curtains they threw out. Mike is off to go golfing for the day. He tells Carol to have fun around the house. She says she’ll start by straightening up the kids’ room. Umm…..isn’t that Alice’s job?

Bobby walks in tooting on his kazoo wearing incredibly short pants. He says Cindy’s doll is a bag of crap or something like that.

Nice panty shot, Thindy. She bends over to set her dolly down and we get to see her undies. Why were her dresses so short?


Cindy’s second button (red) is unbuttoned when she goes into the kitchen to get the doll’s bottle. It magically buttons up when she walks back into the other room.

Kidnapping of Kitty Karry-All

Oh no! Kitty Karry-All has disappeared! “She was here and now she’s gone! She’s been kidnapped!” Thindy blames Bobby for taking her doll because Bobby was just calling it a crap bag. Why does Carol have such a big head? Have I mentioned the ugly dress? She has bad shoes to go with it all. Bobby says he just walked into the other room to toot his kazoo because he likes to walk when he toots. Tee hee. Tooting means something else in my house.

Panty Update

Cindy underwear shot number four. Gross.

All the kids end up fighting in the bathroom without a toilet. The boys don’t think the girls should accuse Bobby of taking the doll and the girls are telling Bobby he sucks for taking the doll. Whatever. Where’s the toilet?

Mike comes in after his afternoon of playing golf and breaks up the fight. They organize a search party to find the missing doll. They destroy the house and find lots of missing things in the process (earring, skate key, old candy bar), but no dolly.

The kids are all in the backyard on the swing set when Bobby comes up to ask if he can play. They treat him like absolute crap. It is so not Brady like. “Beat it. Get out of here. Nobody wants you. Your ass stinks.” Okay, I made up that last one.

The kids decide to hold a trial with Alice as the judge. Alice says she’ll do it but it has to be quick because she has a pot roast in the oven. She was gone less than five minutes and during that time, the pot roast burned to a crisp. Stupid. It would take a lot longer than that. And we got to see Cindy’s underwear again.

The Thief Strikes Again

Mike Lookinland Ztams Teen Pinups and Magazines
Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland)

Oh no! Bobby’s kazoo goes missing. Of course he blames that little turd, Cindy. I like how she has a British accent there for a minute when she says “I did not”. Where did that come from? Mike sits down and has a talk with both kids. Carol comes in a moment later and says she’s searched the house again but no doll or kazoo. Umm….how did she know the kazoo was missing? Why didn’t they ever think to look out in the fake backyard where the kids play so often?

Bobby gets his piggy bank out and decides to buy Cindy a new doll. What a sweet boy! He gives it to her and says, “And I’m not giving this to you because I like you or anything like that. It’s just that well, well, my piggy bank was getting too full and I had to buy something.” Once Bobby presents Thindy with the new doll, Thindy acts like a baby and says it’s just not the same. Before pouting and walking off pigeon toed, Cindy sets down new Kitty. Tiger takes off with it. Mike and Carol track him down in his doghouse (duh) where they find the kazoo, two Kitty Karry-Alls, Greg’s bong, Marcia’s crack pipe, Peter’s porn, Jan’s butt plug, and lots of other items. Everyone is happy once again in Brady Land. The end.

I hope you’ve enjoyed The Brady Bunch Episode #7 review. Check back soon for another review. Thanks for reading.


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