The Partridge Family Episode #4

Welcome to my review of The Partridge Family Episode #4. This episode is entitled “See Here, Private Partridge” and originally aired on October 16, 1970. The show is about the government screwing up and trying to draft ten-year-old Danny. Danny being drafted could really mess up the family’s career since they’re just getting ready to record their first album.

The show opens with Danny in his room contemplating the new album. Shirley, who looks beautiful, walks in and talks with him. After discussing perverted and horny little friend Punky (he wanted Shirley on the album cover in a bikini), Laurie walks in looking like a stick. I think she’s about 5’7” and 68 pounds.

Danny Drafted

Just as the family is pulling away in their groovy bus to head for the recording studio, they open a letter showing that Danny has been drafted. Rueben tells the family not to worry and that he’ll take care of things. During the bus ride to the recording studio, Danny has some cool dreams about being drafted. The fantasies (in uniform) also involve Rueben and Keith. The black and white dreams are cute and well put together.

How is Shirley changing her clothes while she drives the bus? She goes from a cute blue shirt and adorable hat to wearing a white shirt and a blue vest. Just moments later, she’s back to her first outfit. Once they’re in the studio, she’s back to the white shirt and blue vest. Surely Shirley must know it’s dangerous to change clothes while driving a school bus.

On the Road

I like watching them record in the studio. They sing “On the Road” which is a favorite of mine. FYI, the board engineer is played by Jared Martin who was Dusty Farlow on Dallas. Although I love Jeremy Gelbwaks, I wish they could have edited him out a bit more with his fake playing. It’s so bad. Tracy looks adorable while cluelessly swaying to the music. When they record the vocal track, Laurie has a mic show up now and again. Otherwise she’s singing to a big boom mic above. Chris looks cute getting into the music. Good thing they kept his mic far away from him. Tracy doesn’t even get a mic. Poor thing. I guess she doesn’t count. This isn’t David Cassidy’s voice singing lead. I wonder why. He should be singing on this song.

Rueben shows up with some bad news. He’s unable to get Danny out of the draft. (FYI, from the conversation between Rueben and Shirley, it appears the recording took place in Los Angeles and that the Partridges live in Northern California.) Shirley is furious and decides to take care of things herself.


Shirley goes to raise hell at the induction center and tries to explain that Danny is only ten years old. Nobody will listen to her. She decides to take Danny to be inducted thinking that surely they would figure out he was too young. Shirley paces back and forth outside the Armed Forces Examination center. Danny is inside going through the various tests. We get to see a young Danny Bonaduce in his tighty whities. Awesome. He passes all the tests and just before he gets ready to be sworn into the United States Army, they realize he’s a boy. He was actually rejected because he was too short, not because he was only ten. Stupid.

The show ends with Rueben bringing over the family’s first album hot off the press. The episode was obviously shot before their real first album came out. The cover of the album is of the family painting the bus. The back of the album is of a partridge. Danny agrees with Rueben about there being no liner notes. Since they’ve never agreed before, Rueben starts to second guess himself. Danny ends the show with the comment “I’ll never understand people over 15”.

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